Remembering Gianni Versace : 11 Reasons Why Brands Should Love Versace

by jeremywaite


1. “Versace Are Not Boring!”

“Boring ” is not a word one would immediately associate with the name Versace.  “Simplicity” isn’t either.  Just because the fast faced internet 2.0 world wants simplicity, doesn’t mean your vision has to be simple.  They are provocative.  Unlike many other ‘mainstream’ designer brands, people have strong ‘marmite-like’ opinions about Versace.  Just ask your friends. Is there anything worse than being a nice brand that everyone likes?  [Photo: Kate Moss by Mario Testino]

2. “Gianni Versace Was Honest”.

He didn’t try to be all things to all people.  He also managed to master that elusive quality of being (mostly) humble, despite the success and luxury that surrounded him.  “It is the house that really belongs to me, reflecting a mirror image of all that I am, for better of worse,” said Gianni Versace.  [Photo: Gianni’s bedroom at Casa Casuarina, his Miami villa on Ocean Drive].

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