Si el 85% de las decisiones de compra son inconscientes, ¿por qué no hacernos expertos en neuromarketing?

El 85% de las decisiones de compra son inconscientes. Conducta, aprendizaje, memoria, sensación, atención, cognición, percepción, emociones y actividad cerebral son conceptos que han adquirido una nueva dimensión en el ámbito empresarial y, concretamente, en el contexto del marketingEsta dimensión es el eje principal del neuromarketing.

El análisis del comportamiento del consumidor gana cada vez más relevancia desde la óptica emocional y nos afecta a cualquier herramienta de marketing que pretendamos utilizar, desde la publicidad y la comunicación, el punto de venta, la imagen y posicionamiento de las marcas o cualquier otro estímulo que presentemos a nuestros potenciales consumidores o compradores.

El neuromarketing constituye un avance importante en el análisis y comprensión del comportamiento del consumidor a través de la aplicación rigurosa de los conocimientos y las técnicas de la neurociencia, y se revela como una nueva herramienta fundamental presente y futura de la investigación de mercados. Seguir leyendo “Si el 85% de las decisiones de compra son inconscientes, ¿por qué no hacernos expertos en neuromarketing?”

8 Books to Sharpen Your Ninja Marketing Skills

You may not be a marketing consultant by trade. But each of us, once hired to handle work for our client, becomes part of the giant grinding wheel of marketing; and even a cursory knowledge of the marketing basics, along with some hot tips from the minds and sciences on the bleeding edge, will give you the sharper dueling blade you need to pull ahead of your competition (but no beheading please).

To get the most out of this list, here are a few tips:

  • I recommend getting a digital book reader or even just downloading Amazon’s free Kindle App for your PC or Mac. Why? Because I’ve noticed my ability to read and digest massive amounts of information increased dramatically when I started buying and reading my books digitally.

    I believe this is a) because I spend so much frickin’ time online that my brain is trained to move through information much faster in this context and b) because if you’re anything like me you get stir crazy at home and it’s nice to get away to a cafe or a new locale and that’s hard to do when you’re hoisting around fifty books. And yes, I reference my hundreds of books regularly.
  • These books are not your typical Marketing 101 books. These are deep immersions into neuroscience-based branding, neuro-linguistic programming, culture codes, what motivates us, and so much more. Savvy entrepreneur clients and business leaders are aware of these books and will be impressed that you are too. Smaller businesses and professionals who are not aware of these books will benefit so drastically from your garnered knowledge here that packing this extra value into your current skill and knowledge sets will do wonders for your freelancing career.
  • Some people revere books the way they revere the Mona Lisa. Keep ‘em crisp, keep ‘em clean, if it looks used, it’s been abused!! Well I’m of the opinion that a book well used is a book well loved. My physical and digital books are swimming with notes carved into their margins, highlights and scribbles dashing through the text, and errant notes like mohawks jut out of the pages where I’ve run out of room and added a torn sheet from my notepad.

    Because these are the kinds of books you’ll reference often
    , I recommend loving your books thoroughly and not being afraid to show it. : Use a highlighter or the “Notes and Marks” tool on your e-reader to mark key passages and as they ignite ideas, be sure to jot them down in the book or a notebook/document you keep handy that houses all your brainstorms.
  • Don’t believe in the power of a single book? I recently had a potential launch client with a massive brand tell me that my prior work lacked the quality and verve they were looking for (they wanted heart instead of hype and as we copywriters must give clients what they want, most of my past client clips demonstrated elegant hype).

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