Real-Time News Curation – The Complete Guide Part 5: The Curator Attributes And Skills

In Part 4 I have gone through the newsmaster workflow, the tasks and specific responsibilities and in Part 5, I am covering the key attributes, qualities and skills a successful real-time news curator must have.

To identify them I have been looking both at the experience I have gained with this practice in this last five years, as well as at the growing literature available online on this “content curation” topic.

Most people to whom I have shown, explained or illustrated the “newsmastering” workflow, as I like to call it, have missed to understand the value and potential of the curation process, by focusing too much on the technology aspect: how do you do it, where do you click, how do you publish it on your site, and so on.

In fact, while technology does play an important role in helping a curator find, aggregate, filter, curate and re-publish existing content, it is in the expertise and skills of the curator the opportunity to create meaning, make sense of disparate info and add value to a newly created “whole”.

What makes a successful “newsmaster” is therefore not the ability to maneveur freely with RSS feeds, aggregators and PHP includes, or having access to the latest content curation technology, but rather the level of passion and depth of interest for a specific subject matter, and the harmonious and coordinated application of a rare and multidisciplinary skillset. Something, I would hope, that will be soon taught in professional journalism and communication schools.

Therefore, if you have been wondering what are the specific skills and attributes a real-time news curator must have, I have devoted this section of the guide, to this very specific topic.

Here is what I have discovered:

What skills do I need to have if I want to be an effective real-time news curator? Can I just pick the best headlines and links on my topic of interest or do I need to do know / do more? What makes a great news curator stand out from those who do automatic aggregation or from bloggers who create simple news stories lists?

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In the previous parts of this Guide to Real-Time News Curation I have looked at what are the key problems giving way to the emergence of real-time news curation, at the differences between automatic aggregation and filtering and human-powered manual curation. I have also spent some time illustrating some real-world examples of both automated aggregation and human curated news content. Leer más “Real-Time News Curation – The Complete Guide Part 5: The Curator Attributes And Skills”