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Mcommerce study predicts increase by 300 percent in 3 years

Though smartphones will play an important role over the holiday season, by 2015 there will be massive growth. The results of a recent study by Tapjoy have shown that while the next couple of months should be quite defining for mcommerce, over the next three years, the sector will increase by well over 300 percent (up to 362 percent in the United States). This will occur as more consumers buy smartphones and use them to make their … Read entire article »

Mobile commerce app to be used year round by Sears

The application had previously been used on a seasonal basis to drive sales. As Sears releases the 60th edition of its Wish Book catalog it is also releasing it in a mobile commerce format for iPads for the second year in a row. The retailer’s catalog has become a holiday tradition for many shoppers. Sears is attempting to make certain that the catalog … Read entire article »

What is NFC Technology…

Near field communication (NFC) technology embodies a set of standards for smart phones and other mobile devices that establish communications between such devices using radio frequencies.
These transmissions can only be facilitated over short distances, hence the name of the technology.
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Are QR codes in your hospital’s clinical future?

By Sara Jackson | fiercemobilehealthcare.com

QR codes have a solid place in hospital marketing and public relations–helping patients to learn about the hospital’s services, get reminders about important appointments, and more.

But now ubiquitous little barcode squares are moving into the clinical side of healthcare. A year-long pilot project in Marin County, Calif., turned the codes into on-the-spot patient information resources for EMTs.

Two emergency response agencies in the county partnered up with Lifesquare, a QR code developer, and distributed QR stickers at local CVS pharmacies. Patients loaded up the codes with their medication lists, which then were embedded on the stickers. Afterward, patients were asked to place the stickers somewhere easily accessible for emergency workers in a crisis–like on a cell phone, for example.

Now EMTs can read the codes in people’s homes on their iPhones, and have an instant list of the patient’s medical conditions, medications and other information, according to a story at ITworld.

“It could benefit so many folks,” Mike Giannini, Marin County Fire Department EMS Battalion Chief, tells ITworld. “The consumer for the piece of mind, us for information at the scene, it’s just a time-saving piece and beyond that it could do so much for health care at a much larger, grander scale if physicians embrace it.” Leer más “Are QR codes in your hospital’s clinical future?”