TweetDeck: ¿Cómo PROGRAMAR TWEETS para ser publicados EN OTRO MOMENTO?

Tiempo atrás escribí un TIP sobreTWEETDECK y cómo esta aplicación nos permitía “disfrutar a Twitter en serio”. Describí muchas de sus ventajas y varios lectores de Adrian Tips optaron por usar TweetDeck como plataforma preferida a la hora de twittear. Hoy vamos a sacarle un poco más de provecho a TweetDeck, aprendiendo cómo twittear “en diferido”, o dicho de otro modo, cómo escribir un tweet en un momento y programarlo para que salga publicado en otro momento.

Esta función llamada “schedule this update” (algo así como “agendar este tweet”) es sumamente útil, ya que nos permite escribir uno o varios tweets y decidir con precisión en que fecha y horario queremos que los mismos salgan publicados. Seguir leyendo “TweetDeck: ¿Cómo PROGRAMAR TWEETS para ser publicados EN OTRO MOMENTO?”

11 Ways to Speed Up WordPress

Cyrus Patten is the editor of, a blog about everything WordPress. He specializes in the role of technology in community organizing.

WordPress (WordPress) is inherently fast, and that’s why so many professional bloggers call it their choice platform.

Like many new bloggers, I used to think that until I had enough traffic to make a difference, I’d worry about the bandwidth and site speed later. But that’s not thinking ahead considering that today social media can drive an overwhelming amount of traffic in a very short period of time; you don’t want to get caught with a crashed site.

When you’re not prepared for lots of traffic, it’s common for a web host to suspend your account temporarily, and that’s something you don’t want. If your writing is decent and you’ve been doing some minimal promotion, then it could happen to you. Think positively and prepare your blog as though it’s going to be a huge success. To do that, here is a tutorial on how to speed up your WordPress site.

Note: As always, with everything, you should backup your WordPress installation before making any code changes. Seguir leyendo “11 Ways to Speed Up WordPress”

5 Social Music Sites That Let You Tune Into Your Friends’ Tastes

Posted by Neil Vidyarthi

MUSICICONIf you like music, then you probably want to be able to stream it online, listen to your friends’ favorites, and share your favorites with friends.  I have been looking for social music sites like these for the past few years, and have come up with a list of 5 streaming music sites that have great social features.  Enjoy the list and please leave us a comment below about your favorite social music sites.


To be clear, I’m looking at services that help me do two things:

  • Find out what songs/bands/concerts my friends like.
  • Listen to those songs in an easy, comfortable way (preferably a streaming music website)

Without further ado, here’s the list. Seguir leyendo “5 Social Music Sites That Let You Tune Into Your Friends’ Tastes”