The Art and Science of Writing Good Titles

by Michael Gray

Crafting a good title for your pages or blog posts is a problem many people struggle with. Do you focus on keywords or on attention grabbing formulas? Hopefully this post will give you some insight into how to write better titles. The difficulty with crafting good titles is that it’s part science and part art, and you have to know when to lean in one direction or the other. To illustrate my point, I’m going to take the same concept and show you variations you would use for different purposes.

All three of these are similar but distinctly different posts. They will have different content and editorial styles …

Are you creating a page to drive sales, capture leads, or make conversions? If you are, you want to focus strictly on keywords and give little if any concern to being sensational or even slightly creative. An example would be…: Seguir leyendo “The Art and Science of Writing Good Titles”