Websites Track You In Real-Time With Mozilla’s Lightbeam For Firefox – @addtips

The add-on can be downloaded and installed via the link provided at the end of this post. After installation, you will find the Lightbeam logo at the bottom-right of your web browser. Click it and you will see a new tab with three visualization options labelled Graph, Clock and List on the left. By producing real-time visualization charts of third-parties that may be collecting and sharing your data, these features may help you avoid visiting those sites.

Lightbeam for Firefox Graph

The interface of Lightbeam looks simple and user-friendly. The Graph option creates a zoomable, interactive visualization of your Web activities, and assigns triangle and circle icons for every third-party site that’s actively extracting data from the page you visited. You can recognize each site in the triangle via its favicon. These triangles and circles are connected with a drawn line, which means a cookie is involved in the data transfer. The more connections a site shares, the bigger its shape gets.

Install Lightbeam for Firefox

Lightbeam for Firefox

The second main feature of Lightbeam is its Clock view mode. This section monitors and displays your online activity data over the previous 24 hours and plots the results accordingly. Leer más “Websites Track You In Real-Time With Mozilla’s Lightbeam For Firefox – @addtips”