3 Ways to Get More Time Out of Less

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You can achieve more in a constrained market without running your employees into the ground. These three steps will get your team focused on the work that really drives growth.

Across the country, businesses are being pushed to do more with less. Typically this has taken the shape of longer hours, later nights, and a big group of unhappy employees. Achieving in a constrained market should not mean spending more time at the office doing less exciting work; it means that you should stop wasting time.

There are three steps managers and staff can take toward a more efficient, more productive organization. By 1) identifying and focusing on your biggest priorities, 2) completing two objectives every week, and 3) outsourcing work, you will find a smoother running organization that employees are happy to contribute to every day.

1. Identify and focus on your biggest priorities. Leer más “3 Ways to Get More Time Out of Less”

CIO: Leverage what you have and oh yeah, a little innovation please

Posted by Jon Gatrell

I was talking to a friend the other day about his role as a CIO at a large fast food chain and he was always challenged to reduce his spend and do more with what he already had in production.  Not a very good sign if your trying to sell technology products.   What transpired during this conversation is very similar to the issues set forth in the slide presentation from Abbie Lundberg. After leaving CIO.com it still appears she has the flair for the dramatic with the title of the presentation, but is it dramatic or a reality? One thing is sure, the role of CIO is changing according to Thomas Wailgum at CIO.com per a recent survey of CIO’s – “Given the… warning signs, it’s easy to speculate that the CIO’s role and the department’s sovereign power might be slip-sliding away.”

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