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With Video Slides, you can quickly create a beautiful slideshow from one or more videos pulled from Youtube and Vimeo. Just past the raw video URLs in any format and the tool will bundle them into a presentation.

There’s a pretty interesting thread on Hacker News where people have shared links to their favorite technical talks. The thread includes dozens of links pointing to YouTube, Vimeo and other video websites.
With Video Slides, you can quickly create a beautiful slideshow from one or more videos pulled from Youtube and Vimeo. Just past the raw video URLs in any format and the tool will bundle them into a presentation.


It’s a treasure trove and I want to click on every single video that’s mentioned on that page but the problem is that I will then end up having at least two dozen new tabs in the browser. And this isn’t just about Hacker News, you can open any popular thread on sites like Quora or Reddit and you’ll be overwhelmed with links pointing to interesting stuff.

How do you deal with such a large collection of raw links? I have written an app called Video Slides that some may find handy here. The app will scan the text for video URLs and put them all in a single slideshow without cluttering your browser.

Here’s a quick video demo.

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Easily Capture Screenshots in Google Earth for Android |


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The Google Earth app for Android includes a handy screen capture feature that allows you to capture and share screenshot images of the current view inside Earth with a click. You may capture screenshots of aerial imagery as well as 3D buildings.

You may wonder why would anyone need this when Android itself include screen-capture capabilities? Well, compare these two images.

Google Earth Screenshot

This screenshot was captured using Google Earth – clutter free image.

This screenshot of Google Earth was captured with Android

This screenshot of Google Earth was captured with Android

The big advantage with Google Earth’s built-in screen capture feature is that it adds none of the on-screen clutter to your screenshot.

How to take Screenshots in Google Earth >>>  Seguir leyendo “Easily Capture Screenshots in Google Earth for Android |”

Locate all the Big Emails in your Gmail Account

What would you do if your Gmail Inbox is reaching its storage limit and you urgently need to free up some space else all your incoming email messages will be returned to the sender?

You’ll either have to buy some extra storage space from Google or another solution is that you find all the emails in your Inbox that have really big attachments and put them into the trash.

gmail messages sorted by size

Sorting your Gmail Messages by Size

Gmail doesn’t offer a way to search and sort email messages by size but you can use a tool like Microsoft Outlook or IMAP Size to sort your mails by the size criteria on the desktop. They connect to your Gmail account via IMAP and therefore when you delete an emails with big attachments locally, the same happens in your online inbox as well.

If you however find the above workarounds a little complicated, there’s an even simpler method now that won’t even require you download or install anything – it’s called

It will quickly find all the big email messages in your Gmail account that are taking up the maximum space. These messages are categorized with special labels like “Big Mail” or “Really Big Mail” to help you decide which of them should be removed to recover more space. Seguir leyendo “Locate all the Big Emails in your Gmail Account”

How to Research Domain Names on the Web

domain names

Researching domain names on the web is often frustrating because all the good names that are in your mind have already been taken. There are however tools that you help you brainstorm new ideas for domain names and you may sometimes strike gold.

The IANA maintains a complete list of top-level domains (like .am for Armenia or .be for Belgium) that you may consider registering in case the usual .com and .org addresses for your domain are not available.

It’s obviously not easy for anyone to search through dozens of domain extensions manually so a tool like iWantMyName should help. With a single click, iWantMyName lets you check the availability of a domain name against most of the international domains* from one place.

Another excellent tool for researching domains is Give it any word and will suggest some really creative domain names around that word.

For instance, if you are looking for a domain like “awesome”, will check the availability of generic domains (like as well as unconventional domains like,,, etc. which also make lot of sense in case the original one is not available.

You may also use characters from Arabic, Hindi and other non-Latin scripts when searching for domains on both and iWantMyName. Seguir leyendo “How to Research Domain Names on the Web”

How to Find Almost Anything on your Computer with Windows Search

windows searchThe built-in desktop search tool is one of my favorite features of Windows. Unlike Google Instant, Windows Desktop Search cannot predict queries in advance but it can find you relevant documents, e-mails, programs and other files almost as fast as you can type characters in the search box.

Windows search can be accessed from a variety of places on your computer. This includes the Windows Start Menu, Windows Explorer or press the “Windows key + F” to open a standalone search window. The latter option is more useful as it offers hints as you type and thus you can easily construct complex search queries without knowing the exact syntax.

Use Windows Desktop Search like a Pro…! Seguir leyendo “How to Find Almost Anything on your Computer with Windows Search”

A Guide to Choosing an Internet Based Fax Service [shortlisted the top 5 services]

send fax from computerAlthough most people have switched to email, there are those rare occasions when you have to send signed documents with your written signature and a fax just seems like an appropriate solution then.

You don’t need a dedicated fax machine any more as there are quite a few good web based services, both paid and free, that let you send and receive faxes using your computer itself without requiring any extra hardware. You don’t need a “fax modem” or even your traditional landline phone to send a fax via the computer.

How Internet Faxing Works?

Most online fax services work in a similar way. They give you a dedicated fax number and any fax message that’s sent to that number is forwarded to you as an email attachment. Alternatively, if you want to send a fax from your computer to another fax machine, you can send your document as an email attachment to the online fax service who in turn will forward it to the recipient’s fax machine. Seguir leyendo “A Guide to Choosing an Internet Based Fax Service [shortlisted the top 5 services]”

How to Make your Windows Start-up Faster

Slow Windows StartupDoes your Windows computer take really long to start-up?

Well, you are not alone with this problem but fortunately, with some minor tweaks, you can get your sluggish Windows to start much faster without re-installing Windows or adding any new hardware.

The logic is fairly simple. Your computer loads quite a few software programs and services during start-up (look at all the icons in your Windows System tray). If you can trim this list, your computer’s boot time will decrease.

I have been testing a free utility called Soluto and it helped reduce the start-up time of my Windows computer from 3.15 minutes to around 1.25 minutes. All this with a few easy clicks and without confusing the user with any technical jargon. Seguir leyendo “How to Make your Windows Start-up Faster”

Get Extra Email Addresses for your Gmail Account [Google Apps]

gmailThere are quite a few ways by which you can create multiple email addresses inside Gmail.

For instance, if your email address is , any email that’s addressed to either or will also be delivered to your main inbox since Gmail ignores dots and anything that’s after the plus symbol in email usernames.

Therefore, theoretically speaking, you get an unlimited number of email addresses with one Gmail account. This gets even more interesting if you are using Gmail with Google Apps. Seguir leyendo “Get Extra Email Addresses for your Gmail Account [Google Apps]”

A Periodic Table of Google Elements

google periodic tableA bunch of creative Google employees, working in the Mountain View office, have created a beautiful and informative periodic table on one of their office walls where individual elements represent stats about Google and the Internet.

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How to Check the Health of your Hard Drive

Hard disk failure is possibly the worst thing that can happen to your computer and it often occurs without giving any warning signs.

Test Your Hard Drive for Impending Problems

hard diskYou may however run certain tests on your computer beforehand to get an idea about the current condition of your hard disk. This should in turn help you decide whether a replacement drive is necessary or not. Seguir leyendo “How to Check the Health of your Hard Drive”

Cite Other Websites to Receive More Citations

Running total of the number of research papers...
Image via Wikipedia

A study by has found that research papers that have a long reference list at the end are well cited.

The research suggests that scientists who reference the work of their peers are more likely to find their own work referenced in turn, and the effect is on the rise, with a single extra reference in an article now producing, on average, a whole additional citation for the referencing paper.

There is a ridiculously strong relationship between the number of citations a paper receives and its number of references. If you want to get more cited, the answer could be to cite more people. Seguir leyendo “Cite Other Websites to Receive More Citations”

The Best OCR Tools for Converting Images to Text

OCROCR software let you easily convert images, such as digital photographs, scanned documents, printed books, etc. into text. Once you perform OCR on an image, you’ll be able to copy-paste or edit the text content of that image without any retyping and it also becomes more searchable.

The Best Web-based OCR Services

Most scanners ship with some sort of OCR software but if you don’t have a scanner, you can simply capture a photograph of the printed text with your digital camera or even your mobile phone and then use an online OCR utility to extract text out of that image.

Meet the best online OCR services that can help you convert images into text. Seguir leyendo “The Best OCR Tools for Converting Images to Text”

A Less Confusing View of World Time Zones

If you ever need to schedule an online meeting or a conference call with multiple people who work in different time zones, a web app called Every Time Zone should come handy.

timezone chart

Every Time Zone offers a unique view of the time zones around the world that is less confusing and you simply have to drag the green bar on either side to figure out the best time that may be suitable for all the meeting participants. Seguir leyendo “A Less Confusing View of World Time Zones”

A Free Utility to Backup all your Windows Drivers

windows hardware

When you buy a new PC, the vendor will almost always provide you with a “driver CD” that has the device drivers for all the hardware that’s inside your new machine. The CD comes handy when you are reinstalling Windows from scratch or are trying to recover your machine to its original state after, say, a system crash.

There are however two drawbacks with the driver CD. Seguir leyendo “A Free Utility to Backup all your Windows Drivers”