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While marketers agree on the importance of putting a price tag on social media interactions, they also say the area is wide open to interpretation–and very misunderstood. Heads of marketing from Sears, Kimberly-Clark, Comcast and other brands discuss how they measure social ROI. |


  • Most marketers repeatedly refer to pinning down the real value of Facebook likes, Twitter favorites, and Pinterest pins as the “Holy Grail.”
  • “You don’t understand the true value of a like unless you understand the value of paid media around it.”
  • A click-versus-revenue figure would be a simple answer to the ROI question, but is not necessarily the right answer for top management.

Backtracking Vs. Forecasting
Many marketers analyze effectiveness by looking at before-and-after results of a campaign and then use that to model future efforts. For example, Seguir leyendo “How Much For A Facebook Friend?|vía @cmo_com”

Huggies Ad Removed: Failed Humor at Dads to Blame

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Why did Huggies’ ad fail in its attempt to humour dad’s across the country? The popular diaper brand, Huggies hope for a light-hearted teaser campaign that would honor fathers by poking fun and labelling them as fumbling parents, backfired as it suddenly “hit a nerve” among dads. Now the advertisement is being pulled from its Facebook campaign after unleashing an unexpected backlash from the very same customers it was hoping to woo.

Poor marketing techniques that reflected a stagnant worldview of gender roles and tell-tale disregard for customer demographics seemed at the root of the problem. What should have been a fun series of events where “mom” customers nominated their spouses to participate in the Huggies’ campaign, did not turn out so well for the top brand maker. The dads, housed together, were handed Huggies diapers, and >>>> Seguir leyendo “Huggies Ad Removed: Failed Humor at Dads to Blame”

Ogilvy y JWT crean una “joint venture” especializada en shopper marketing

Las agencias Ogilvy y JWT, ambas pertenecientes al gigante de la publicidad y la comunicación WPP, unen fuerzas en el terreno del marketing de compradores y en el punto de venta. Con este motivo, acaban de crear en Estados Unidos la joint venture JWT/Ogilvy Action.

Ambas agencias operarán de ahora en adelante bajo la denominación de Ogilvy Action y JWT Action. Ésta última se denominaba hasta ahora Malone Advertising, fue fundada en 1943 y desde al año 2005 pertenece a JWT.

Entre los clientes de la nueva compañía fruto de la “joint venture”, figuran empresas tan importantes como Kimberly-Clark, American Express, SC Johnson, Nestlé y Unilever. Seguir leyendo “Ogilvy y JWT crean una “joint venture” especializada en shopper marketing”

Kimberly-Clark enarbola la bandera verde

K-C, una de las más grandes compañías en productos personales de papel acaba de sacar un producto que hará más eficiente el uso de papel en los baños.

La campaña re la compañía regala 750,000 bolsas “Scott Naturals Smart Flush”, que se insertan en la cavidad de los inodoros para ahorrar en promedio por familia de cuatro personas — unos 2.000 galones (6.960 libros) de agua por año. Las inserciones estarán adosadas a paquetes especiales de papel higiénico Scott Naturals que ya en octubre estarán a la venta en Walmart, Estados Unidos.
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Kimberly-Clark’s Pull-Ups introduces potty-training iPhone app

By Elaine Wong


Just when you thought iPhone app developers had seized every thinkable opportunity out there, along comes this one: Now, you can potty-train your kid using a free mobile app from Kimberly-Clark. The maker of Huggies diapers and Pull-Ups training pants is introducing a new app, iGo Potty, this week that does just well, exactly that. It encourages both parents and kids alike to participate in the potty-training process (and hopefully make it fun along the way) with interactive features like customizable potty reminders, prizes and games and even special calls from “Patty the Potty.” (Yes, the toilet is calling. Make sure you get your toddler to answer it.) Seguir leyendo “Kimberly-Clark’s Pull-Ups introduces potty-training iPhone app”

Top Ten Reasons Your Company Is Not Ready For Social Media

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Here’s the Colossal Squid excerpt from the SoDA 2010 Digital Marketing Outlook (p. 53). I co-wrote it with co-founder Steve Slivka.

We have been approached on more than one occasion by advertisers wanting to jump in with both feet and make a brand commitment to social media. What they oftentimes find is unsettling in discovering the need to learn a bit more about requirements that help brands flourish in this space. This tongue-in-cheek article is written in good fun and dedicated to them. Seguir leyendo “Top Ten Reasons Your Company Is Not Ready For Social Media”