Top 10 Negative Celebrity Role Models

by jeremywaite

According to a new Celbra (Celebrity + Brand) Survey by Millward Brown, these are the Top 10 Negative Celebrity Role Models .

  1. Amy Winehouse
  2. Katie Price
  3. Paris Hilton
  4. Russell Brand
  5. John Terry
  6. Tiger Woods
  7. Peaches Geldof
  8. Pixie Geldof
  9. Jonathan Ross
  10. Kate Moss

I wonder what Sir Bob Geldof makes of it? Especially as the current issue of Marketing Week also leads with the story, “Heroin turns Peaches from bad to rotten”.  According to her employer, the story goes like this…

“We’ve given this a lot of thought, but there’s a point where a business must stick to its principles and as a brand that targets young women, we feel it is impossible for Peaches Geldof to continue to work with us as the face of Miss Ultimo lingerie.”

That was Michelle Mone, founder of the Miss Ultimo lingerie brand on Tuesday, as she explained the axing of Peaches Geldof as the brand’s first celebrity ambassador.

The parting of Miss Ultimo and Geldof will cost both parties considerable sums.  But allegations of a wild night of sex and heroin abuse prompted, according to reports, 3,000 complaints from parents, concerned about Geldof’s association with their daughters’ favourite underwear brand.  One emergency meeting later and the decision was made.

Miss Ultimo plans to replace Peaches with a new celebrity ambassador.  The brand isn’t short of experience in picking famous faces to associate with  New television adverts will star television presented Kelly Brook and in the past, Helena Christensen and Sarah Harding have been among the models and pop stars to promote the brand. Leer más “Top 10 Negative Celebrity Role Models”