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By Jacque Wilson, CNN

Today we use DNA tests to tell us about all kinds of things — from Justin Bieber’s baby daddy status to theinnocence of a man sitting on death row. But genetic scientists are doing more than trying to prove Bigfoot’s existence.

Here are five cool things DNA testing can do:

Map your family tree

A $99 DNA test could give you thousands of new relatives (although if they’re anything like ours, we’re not sure why you’d want them). Sites such as Ancestry.com offer to compare your DNA to those they already have on record in hopes of connecting you to unknown branches of your family tree. Ancestry.com’s test can also tell you your genetic ethnicity.

A growing body of research suggests that our ability to lose weight is shaped in large part by our genes.
A growing body of research suggests that our ability to lose weight is shaped in large part by our genes.

“The new test looks at a massive amount of your DNA … and compares it to other DNA samples from around the world. By detecting similarities, we can trace back generations to connect you to the lands your ancestors once called home,” the site states.

Solve ancient mysteries

No one knew where Richard III, one of the most famous kings of England, was buried until his remains were discovered in a parking lot in Leicester.

The remains showed evidence of battle wounds and scoliosis, but scientists weren’t sure the skeleton was Richard III’s until DNA extracted from the bones was matched to Michael Ibsen, a direct descendant of the king’s sister.

It wasn’t the first time ancient remains had been identified using DNA. If it’s stored in a cold, dry, dark place, DNA can last for thousands of years. In 2009, a DNA analysis of some bone fragments showed two of Czar Nicholas II’s children were killed along with the rest of the family during the Russian Revolution, despite speculation they could have escaped.

Scientists have even extracted DNA from Neanderthals, who went extinct about 30,000 years ago, in hopes of gaining insight into the evolution of humans.

Shakespeare, thou art stored in DNA

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Growing Social Brand Movements (recommended post) – thnxz to @socialogilvy

We wanted to better understand how big movements get. From the Obama presidential campaigns to the global environmental initiative, Earth Hour, to high-profile brand programs like Pepsi Refresh, we benchmarked “how big is big.”  We also wanted to better understand the comparative level of engagement as measured by social actions (everything from tweets to shares to posts to views). Each of these actions reflect a higher degree of engagement from passives and while each can not be considered of equal value, we believe they can be assessed for broad comparative purposes.

A Sample of the Findings

Entertainment Phenomena, Political, Social and Brand Movements, fall into a descending order of magnitude.

Entertainment phenomena, like Justin Bieber and Gangnam Style, earn more than a billion social actions. Political campaigns, like the U.S. Presidential race garner hundreds of millions of social actions. Social and Brand Movements fall below these levels, often earning between five to ten million social actions.

View and download the white paper for the complete analysis.

When a Brand Asks for a Movement

From time to time, brand marketers want to explore what it would take to create a “movement” of some type or other around a product brand, corporate brand or issue.

Inspired by the traction that social and political movements are able to gain via the internet and social technologies, they would like to spark something big. Movements are causes that take off in some way. They become driven by the community and the activity far exceeds the investment put in by the organizer. Even popular content and memes like Harlem Shake and Gangnam Style have movement-like qualities. They seem to grow explosively with little to no management. While this is far different than a movement for a cause, it is an interesting benchmark.

Sometimes the brand desire to go “movement” is right-minded, often not. Driving movements behind product brands is hard. Often it smacks of being inauthentic or just plain selfish. A brand like TOMS Shoes’ might be an exception but I am not sure it qualifies as a movement so much as a brand with a social mission. Driving movements around brand-related issues (e.g., water conservation for a coffee brand) can be just plain hard work. It takes investment, adept behavioral economics and certainly a cause people can rally behind. Triggering mass support and action is an art and science, not to mention, a bit of luck.

Check out the white paper to see how different movements stack up and what are the winning qualities of movements that “go big.”

Is Content King? Thomson Reuters Editor And Taboola CEO Say — “Maybe”

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Imagine you knew you could write the best article of your life, but no one would ever read it. Would you bother?I asked Dan Colarusso, Global Head of Programming of Thomson Reuters, this question over breakfast in New York’s West Village a week ago. If there’s anyone who understands content, it’s Dan – given his background in infusing content with passion for a host of companies including Bloomberg, New York Post, and Condé Nast’s Portfolio.com, the place where his content vision first came together.

Like most meetings that involve an editor sitting down with someone who lives and dies by RPM and PageViews, we took turns constructively challenging one another: Content or Distribution? Quality or Quantity? Desktop or Mobile? Demo-targeting or intent-based content marketing? Leer más “Is Content King? Thomson Reuters Editor And Taboola CEO Say — “Maybe””

La humanidad ha gastado 2772 años consecutivos viendo Gangnam Style


Tiempo perdido o tiempo invertido. Cada quien sabrá lo que hace con el suyo, pero llama la atención saber que desde su lanzamiento hace dos meses y medio, la humanidad ha gastado nada menos que 2772 años y medio viendo el video de Gangnam Style en YouTube, el cual además rompió un record Guinness al acumular la mayor cantidad de “Me Gusta” en el portal hace pocos días atrás. Leer más “La humanidad ha gastado 2772 años consecutivos viendo Gangnam Style”

How To Create Your Own Formula For Success

Written by  | PickTheBrain | Motivation and Self Improvement

Do you have a saying or ‘mantra’ that you use to guide some of the more important decisions in your life? If you do, then you’re not alone, you have something in common with some of the top achievers in the world.

President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, for example, believed that you should always “Speak softly and carry a big stick”. Whilst this may not be the most positive fall-back position to have in life, it did serve him, and his nation, well when the tough times came. A more positive example is, believe it or not, Justin Bieber. In 2011 he released a film about his concert tour called ‘Never Say Never’, which reflects his view on life. Whilst you might argue that the young Mr Bieber is not the most intellectually challenging of individuals either on stage or off, you certainly can’t argue that in his world he has had significant success and he attributes his own success to his mantra.

So what are the key components to these types of sayings? After twenty years of informal research in this area I have come up with the following four core characteristics:

Characteristic #1: It can apply to the ‘lows’ and the ‘highs’  >>>>>  Leer más “How To Create Your Own Formula For Success”

El vídeo record de ‘likes’ en Youtube | El año que viene convocado Marcelo Tinelli [:P

Según el Guiness de los Records, el vídeoclip de un rapero de Corea del Sur es lo que más likes ha generado con su canción ‘Gangnam Style’ .

Las 10 marcas más populares en Twitter : Marketing Directo

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Si las celebridades tuvieran que decantarse por alguna red social muy probablemente elegirían Twitter. Nombres conocidos como Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Oprah Winfrey o Ellen DeGeneres acumulan ya más de 10 millones de seguidores en la famosa red de microblogging. A las marcas, sin embargo, parece que se les da un poco peor lo de acumular legiones de admiradores en Twitter.

Actualmente, la única marca que supera los 10 millones de followers en Twitter es YouTube, con 10,24 millones de seguidores en la red social. Bastante por detrás del canal de vídeos online, se encuentra Twitter, con 8,84 millones de seguidores.

La medalla de bronce en el ranking de marcas más populares en la red de microblogging es para Twitter en español, que con 8,48 millones de followers, está casi empatada con su “hermana” en inglés.

El Top 10 de marcas más populares en Twitter… Leer más “Las 10 marcas más populares en Twitter : Marketing Directo”