In Want of Things We Can Touch

Author Brian

One of my favorite ad campaigns out there in the wild right now is Levi’s “We Are All Workers” from Wieden and Kennedy.

Levi’s_We are all workers

Each piece consists of a beautiful black and white homage to the workingman, complimented by powerful, Karl-Marx-approved slogans like: “Everyone’s work is equally important” and  “We are all workers.”


My favorite is “Made Strong for the New Work.”  Which features a series of rugged individuals who, I presume, need some seriously sturdy pants to tackle some of the hard-typing, click-driving “new work” of today’s information economy.  John Henry would be proud.

strong for the new work

It’s pretty amazing to see a brand parading a nation of workers while politicos fear monger about an impending socialist takeover – but I think Levi’s is on to something here.  And they’re hardly alone.  Jeep is out with a similar campaign touting that “The Things We Make, Make Us.” Leer más “In Want of Things We Can Touch”