6 Steps for Women Who Deserve a Raise

Although I’ve consulted to numerous female execs over the years, a dozen or so years ago, one client from among the top paid executives in America was especially instructive about the issue of male consultants working for female execs. I asked her why she wanted to work with a man. Her response? “The image of me working with a male consultant has much more cachet than working with a woman.” I hope that by now that has changed. Of course, she tossed me a bone: “Besides, you’re more knowledgable than any women I know in the consulting business.”

One of the continuing inequities in the American workforce is the paygap between women and men.  Even though women, on average, tend to be better educated than men, those women who work full time only earn about 77 cents for every dollar a man makes.

FYI: To my amusement I’ve learned that a few women get frustrated by a man writing about this, but I have plenty of reasons, not least, three daughters and a wife, who are professionals.  At different times in their marriage all four made more than their husbands.  (Furthermore, it’s important to take truth wherever you can get it.) Leer más “6 Steps for Women Who Deserve a Raise”