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Muchas veces los ejecutivos confunden  visión, misión, propósito, plan o un conjunto de metas, con estrategia.  Si lo hacen, ponen el carro delante del caballo.


Hay cinco preguntas para hacerse antes de formular una estrategia para la organización:
1. ¿En qué negocio habría que estar?
2. ¿Cómo se puede agregar valor a la empresa?
3. ¿Quiénes son los clientes ideales para el negocio?
4. ¿Cuál es la proposición de valor para esos clientes?
5. ¿Qué capacidades son fundamentales para agregar valor al negocio y diferenciar sus proposiciones de valor?

Aunque muchas compañías pueden articular una visión, una misión, un propósito o una meta, son pocas las que tienen buena respuesta para las cinco preguntas de arriba.

Mi táctica es mirarte, aprenderte como sos, quererte como sos. […] Mi estrategia es en cambio mucho más profunda y más simple. Mi estrategia es que un día cualquiera, no sé cómo ni sé con qué pretexto, por fin me necesites“, escribió alguna vez Mario Benedetti. Sin hacer de lado la belleza de su más famoso poema, ¿sabes cuál es la diferencia entre táctica y estrategia? ¿La aplicas correctamente en tu empresa?

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Peek inside the mind of a community manager – prdaily.com

By Michael Sebastian

Have you thanked your community manager today? After all, it is the fourth Monday in January, which means it’s Community Manager Appreciation Day. 

Analyst Jeremiah Owyang created the holiday in 2010 to “recognize, and celebrate the efforts community managers around the world to improve customer experiences.” 

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«…need for social producers» | lgmsocialmedia.es


I can’t be the only one to notice this…infographics, “viral” videos, Like and Retweet campaigns, they all seem to be trying a bit too hard lately. For example, most infographics I see today are no more than visual press releases with graphical elements tied to information…and then more information…but wait, then more information. If this was just about visualizing scrolls of information, then anyone using free infographic generating tools and a list of interesting data points could make pinteresting graphics. The key is to think less about the packaging and more about the story you want to tell. But even more importantly, it’s time to put the social in social media and craft the story you want people to talk about and share.

It’s not every day that I focus on social media tactics. However, I’m sharing this post to address a growing concern among social media and digital strategists and those to whom they report as to why their content performs at lackluster levels. Much of what we see in our news feeds and social streams is adequate but not yet representative of what’s possible. However, if creative professionals and brands overall do not understand what it takes to make content or campaigns engaging, optimism and support for experimentation fades and as such, budgets dwindle.

Rebecca Lieb, my colleague at Altimeter Group, tracks digital advertising and media. Along with Jeremiah Owyang, they published a new report on the integration of Paid, Earned, and Owned Media. She shared with me the importance of not only shareability, but also integration into an overall content strategy, “A common content marketing misapprehension is that it equals social media. Content production is tactical. Its desired result, good content, must be informed with strategies and goals related to customer experience, journeys, sharability and its correlation and integration with both paid and earned media.”

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Community Manager Appreciation Day 2012

Characteristics of a Community Manager

A well rounded community manager makes everyone feel welcome.
He doesn’t judge a user based on his ability to communicate (or to type).
She always gives warnings and second chances, because her goal is a happy community, not vengeance.
He may not be an extrovert in real life, but online he’s the life of the party, bringing a great deal of charisma, wit and wisdom to every encounter.
May start her career as an unpaid volunteer. Often brags that it’s the best ROI of any career decision she’s ever made.
She knows every meme and can work that knowledge into most conversations.
Doesn’t mind long hours, because he knows that the work he is doing makes a difference in the lives of so many people across the world.
Smiles in real life every time she types a smiley emoticon.
Often is ‘discovered’ based on his passionate voice within an exiting community.
Innately understands marketing, customer support, product strategy and user experience.
Enjoys learning new things, from honing a new skill to becoming fluent in a new language.
Devours analytics because it’s the best way to truly understand his community.
Knows that first and foremost, she’s the user’s advocate, because in any meeting, everyone else is the company’s advocate.
Defends his company fiercely, but is not afraid to admit when a mistake has been made.
Fights tooth and nail for the right outcome in a situation, even when it’s not the easiest or most popular solution.
Enjoys the spotlight externally, but tends to be quietly efficient internally.
He doesn’t toot his own horn, but it often gets tooted for him.
Is fascinated by how people think. He reads psychology texts and stats reports for fun.
Truly enjoys helping others.
Is empathetic to a fault.



Today is the 3rd Annual Community Manager Appreciation day.Originally founded back in 2010 by Jeremiah Owyang, the 4th Monday of January has since become a day to both thank Community Managers and to enjoy some great community-themed content.

Community Managers are, on the whole, good people. They are slow to anger, and quick to give second (and tenth) chances. They cheer-lead awesome folks and great ideas, while quietly, but firmly, discouraging bad behavior. They’re passionate about their product, protective of their site and fervently supportive of their community. And, despite working long and varied hours, they still will tell you that they have the coolest job in the world. Keep reading to hear my decidedly biased view of community managers, colored by my almost 16 years of managing communities.

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Report: 8 Success Criteria for Facebook Page Marketing

Recently we contributed to a report from Jeremiah Owyang and crew over at Altimeter. They just released it last week and we would like to share it here. They drew conclusions from a variety of sources to end up with the “8 Criteria” – most of which I agree with and find useful. They then go on to “grade” a couple of dozen brands in terms of their overall “maturity” in Facebook marketing. Here are the 8 Criteria:

* Set Community Expectations
* Provide Cohesive Branding
* Be Up To Date
* Live Authenticity
* Participate in Dialog
* Enable Peer-to-Peer Interactions
* Foster Advocacy
* Solicit a Call-to-Action

Forget my knee-jerk objection to using what sounds like such paternalistic terms (”maturity,” ” infantile,” etc…) there is some sense here…

Success in this space comes with experience. You can read all the blog posts and reports you want but until you are trying to activate in Facebook, you will never accrue enough learning and, I guess, maturity.

by John Bell

Recently we contributed to a report from Jeremiah Owyang and crew over at Altimeter. They just released it last week and we would like to share it here. They drew conclusions from a variety of sources to end up with the “8 Criteria” – most of which I agree with and find useful. They then go on to “grade” a couple of dozen brands in terms of their overall “maturity” in Facebook marketing.  Here are the 8 Criteria:

  • Set Community Expectations
  • Provide Cohesive Branding
  • Be Up To Date
  • Live Authenticity
  • Participate in Dialog
  • Enable Peer-to-Peer Interactions
  • Foster Advocacy
  • Solicit a Call-to-Action

Forget my knee-jerk objection to using what sounds like such paternalistic terms (”maturity,” ” infantile,” etc…)  there is some sense here…

Success in this space comes with experience. You can read all the blog posts and reports you want but until you are trying to activate in Facebook, you will never accrue enough learning and, I guess, maturity.

Ranking is Transitory

I do object to their ranking of the brands. A simple spot-check makes me question it. Last week, we launched the reinvented Ford Explorer via Facebook and it was an awesome experience and a talk about “maturity.”  Ford has been adding to its social media work with influencers with a terrific approach to social grassroots via Facebook. Ford should be higher but perhaps its all too new to be in the report, after all it takes time to write a 26-page document.

Lots of useful stuff here.

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Integration isn’t just technical for social

I’m seeing more and more of the integrated strategy approach to social in presentation.  Jeremiah’s pitch from Altimeter is spot on in that every touch and channel needs to support engagement.  While on the surface you could see this as a technical set of tasks, it also a set of strategic decisions to make sure your brand is easily available where your customers are.  This slide set demonstrates how to strategically address social in your website, as a channel for interaction.

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‘Breathe Social’: The New Rules of Relationship Management

Written by Audrey Watters

altimeter logoDespite the proverbial «the customer is always right,» the relationship between the customer and the company has long been organized for the benefit of the latter. But the ability for companies to completely control this relationship has disappeared.

Social CRM: The New Rules of Relationship Management, a report from the Altimeter Group released earlier this month, serves to help companies and organizations understand the changing territory. The report offers a thorough framework with which companies can strategize their adoption of social CRM projects.

Based on research with companies who have pioneered an embrace of social technologies for relationship management, the report lists 18 use cases that serve as entry points for social CRM efforts. These include social customer insights (tracking customers’ preferences via social media sites like Facebook), rapid social marketing response (defending the brand in real-time), and crowdsourced R&D (eliciting real-time feedback to enhance innovation).

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Making an Agency Digital to the Core

Why Digital Natives Are an Essential Ingredient

Posted by Phil Johnson

Phil  Johnson
Phil Johnson

I continue to be fascinated by how agencies change and how extraordinarily hard this can be to accomplish. Regardless of the difficulty, it’s an essential agency survival skill. Great agencies learn how to continually reinvent themselves to the core, while merely good agencies often only change their outward structure. In some ways this pursuit of change, particularly as agencies define their relevance in the digital world, has been the great advertising drama of the last two years.

Hard to believe, but two years ago people were debating the merits between traditional and digital agencies, as if they had to choose between blue states and red states. Jump ahead to today, and most small agencies have carved out their own path. They have found a way to be true to their roots and have also made huge strides in their commitment to digital marketing. Digital vs. traditional no longer seems like a religious war.

PJA Advertising has made this journey along with the rest, and what I’ve learned is that change does not come from one defining choice. You need a commitment from the top. You need to redefine processes and roles. You need to bring in new resources and talent. More than anything, if you want to make changes that go beneath the surface to the core, you need to introduce a foreign agent that will chemically alter the composition of the agency. In our case, we didn’t experience this degree of change until we opened our doors to the new breed of «digital natives» and gave them the freedom to introduce their digital DNA into the agency. Continuar leyendo «Making an Agency Digital to the Core»

Twitter tips for analysts (guest post by Alyssa Gilmore)

Guest post by Alyssa Gilmore, Director of Analyst Relations, SunGard Financial Systems

The rise of social networks for professional publicity purposes presents influencers—including industry analysts—with a new brand challenge. In a virtual world aflame with big ideas and big names, how do you get your light to shine?

Several of the industry analysts I work with have recently asked me how they can best begin or improve their use of Twitter. As a means of expression of expertise, education and engagement, Twitter is a natural extension of the daily activities of an industry analyst and a powerful promotional tool to add to your publicity arsenal. Here are some of my thoughts on good analyst Twitter practices I’ve seen so far:

Cultivate the right community: it’s not just “Tweet it and they will follow”. To build your follower community, first stake your spot on Sage Circle’s Twitter Directory (http://sagecircle.com); it’s like a neon-lit billboard for attracting social-savvy AR pros and media. Also, make sure your firm handle announces you. Then, go for organic growth: find “Tweeple” whose following you’d like to emulate—the CEO of a company you cover, a prominent media figure for your industry—and reply to a few of their tweets on your topics of expertise. People using Twitter are often more social than those you may encounter in more traditional venues – you can build relationships with industry leaders that you might not come across in your usual circles. Continuar leyendo «Twitter tips for analysts (guest post by Alyssa Gilmore)»

Top analyst tweeters (via TweetLevel)

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase


Who are the analysts who use Twitter the most effectively?

Using SageCircle’s excellent database combined with a good number of my own I have used TweetLevel to understand who are the most important analysts on Twitter. These names are included on the following Twitter list – link

This unique tool compiles twitter data from over 30 sources and feeds the data through an algorithm to rank an individual according to four weightings:

  1. Popularity (i.e. How many people follow you)
  2. Influence (i.e. What you say is interesting, relevant and many people listen)
  3. Engaged (i.e. You actively participate within your community)
  4. Trusted (i.e. People believe what you say)

Of course, the explanation above is a simplified definition of a complex algorithm(the full methodology of this is shown at the bottom of this post).


How TweetLevel can be used?

I use this list by looking at a micro topic area (such as SaaS) and understand who out of the 950+ analysts on Twitter are the ones that truly use this as a conversation tool. I am normally left with ten names who I now know are critical to engage with. What counts is that if my analysts use Twitter as a medium to engage in conversations then I need to know who they are and take part in the discussion with them.

(Blatant self-promotion – if you want me to sort a list for you that is automatically updated for your specific area (that can be as broad or as specific as you want – from BI to Starbucks) then let me know.) Continuar leyendo «Top analyst tweeters (via TweetLevel)»

What you can learn from Forrester’s new blogging policy

Image representing Forrester Research as depic...
Image via CrunchBase

I’ve been following the discussion around Forrester‘s new blogging policy. In case you weren’t aware, I was formerly a Forrester analyst covering social computing and wrote some of the early drafts of the company‘s blogging policy. Now I’m building a strategy consulting practice at Dachis Group and advising companies on social business – wherein policies and guidelines play an important role. Continuar leyendo «What you can learn from Forrester’s new blogging policy»


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