Heineken: Ibiza Final 2013 – @heineken

What better way to end the UEFA Champions League season than during the opening of the summer party season? Heineken invited a group of lucky prize winners to join the likes of Rio Ferdinand and Paul van Dyk to watch the Bayern vs Dortmund final in Ibiza.

See you next year at the Heineken Ibiza Final!

Music: Hit and Run feat. Maruja – Electric Stars
Available on iTunes soon.

Why I’m thinking of ditching my precious iPhone for an Android | gigaom.com


After several years as a devoted Apple iPhone user, I have been tempted by the dark side — I am considering giving up my beloved iPhone for an Android device, and the main attraction is the openness of the ecosystem that Android takes advantage of.
If you don’t like personal stories about infidelity, please read no further. After being in love with my iPhone for several years now, my attentions are increasingly being pulled elsewhere — and I’m not fighting it. I’ve been an iPhone fan ever since I first got my hands on one: it instantly made my BlackBerry feel like an ugly brick that was designed by orangutans. All I wanted to do was hold it forever, and that’s almost exactly what I’ve done since I first got one — until, that is, I switched to using an Android phone over the holidays.

I didn’t decide to try an Android phone because I was dissatisfied with Apple or the iPhone — in fact, I still think the iPhone is one of the best-designed and most appealing products of any kind that I’ve ever used. I have a MacBook Air and an iPad that I also love using, and I recommend them whenever I get the chance. But I will confess that I have been looking enviously at Android phones for a little while, after seeing friends like my GigaOM colleague Kevin Tofel using them and then borrowing one last fall for a trip to Amsterdam for our Structure: Europe conference.

Part of what I was interested by was the larger screens on the Nexus and other phones — I like to read webpages and other documents and look at photos on my phone, so more screen real estate was appealing. But I was also interested in the openness of the Android ecosystem, and whether that would be a benefit compared to the walled garden that Apple runs for iOS.

Apple’s garden is beautiful — but the walls aren’t

There’s no question that Apple’s garden is beautiful, as walled gardens go, and it is extremely well-maintained; nasty or disturbing apps are kept out, and everything is checked to make sure it works properly, and that is definitely a big benefit. In other words, the bars are hard to see behind all those beautiful flowers. But in some cases, useful things are kept out as well, whether it’s content or applications — or ways of integrating with other networks and services that maybe don’t meet Apple’s standards (or aren’t willing to pay Apple for the privilege).

social media

Here’s one anecdote that sums up the differences between the two platforms for me: when I took a photo with the Android phone (a Motorola Razr HD), it suddenly occurred to me that maybe I could beam it to my TV somehow — I have a media hub from Western Digital that has all my photos on it, and usually I have to copy the pictures from the iPhone to a computer with iTunes and then share them with the WD hub. But I figured maybe I could beam them from the Android because the hub is a DLNA device (DLNA is kind of the open version of Apple’s AirPlay standard for wireless networking). Within five minutes, I had downloaded an app that beamed my photo to the WD hub, and we were looking at it on the TV. I did the same thing with a YouTube video. Leer más “Why I’m thinking of ditching my precious iPhone for an Android | gigaom.com”

For Startups, Timing Trends Really Does Matter – Except When It Doesn’t

small biz

Now is the best time in history to start your own business. But depending on what kind of company you’re building, you have to figure out if your idea is poised to capture a trend – or doomed to miss one and face a much tougher road to success.

To learn about the impact of properly timing a trend – or of missing one – we asked 8 successful young entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) for their experiences. And we also got their advice on how to perfectly time your business:

1. Missed Opportunities Open New Doors

It was 2011 when we started building a platform for social media. By then, Buddy Media had already raised over $90 million, Wildfire announced that they had over 10,000 customers, and companies like Vitrue and Involver were the industry titans. Some potential investors told us we were late to the party. However, in hindsight, and especially in light of all of the recent acquisitions of the aforementioned, I believe we had a core advantage to really plug into the “second wave” of social, which has the potential to be even more disruptive than the first. We were able to speak to people who were already using a social media platform and figure out what needs still weren’t being met. By staying small and nimble, we were able to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of social media.– Abby RossBlueye Creative

2. Revisit Past Failures

There’s no lack of ideas that were “before their time.” Many business models that failed in the early 2000s are now incredibly successful because now, the timing is right, the technology is here, and it’s easier than ever before to achieve scale. As an example, my company SitePoint tried selling eBooks back in 2000 and no one bought into it. It was a complete and utter disaster and forced us to print and ship physical books – which sold like hot cakes. The reason is simple, people were still getting used to the idea of shopping online, and paying for digital goods was still a foreign concept to many. Fast forward a few years, with the iTunes revolution, Kindle and iPad, and all of a sudden, eBook sales are trending sharply upward every year.– Matt Mickiewicz,Flippa and 99designs

3. Some Ideas Transcend Timing & Trends

Timing is everything – if your idea is reliant on time. If you want to create a flash valuation or raise a certain amount of money quickly, then it’s of utmost importance. And it’s important for tech in general. But I believe that there are other ideas – rooted in timeless truths – that are not restricted to a certain epoch or Zeitgeist. If your idea is rooted in one of these things, then timing is far less important. If you’re a social entrepreneur fighting for human dignity in a particular area, for example, then it’s less critical whether you start today or tomorrow. My personal view is that I want to be involved with an organization that I believe will be important a thousand years from now. If I find an idea worthy of that standard, then I know it’s rooted in something essential.– Luke BurgisActivPrayer

4. Timing Boosts Your Success Potential >>>    Leer más “For Startups, Timing Trends Really Does Matter – Except When It Doesn’t”

Windows 8: Nine unanswered questions about the new OS | pcworld.com

Despite the looming October 26 launch date of Windows 8, a handful of questions about Microsoft’s next operating system remain. Some are big, some are small, but all should be relevant to hard-core PC users who have decided to take the Windows 8 plunge, as well as to people who plan to buy new Windows 8 hardware.

Here we’ll do our best to explain nine mysteries, as well as to provide context on why you should care.

How will users sync their media with phones, including Windows Phone devices?

Until now, Windows Phone users have relied on a Zune desktop app to sync their media files from a PC to the phone. With Windows 8, the Zune brand will disappear, and we haven’t yet received official word on what will replace it.

Windows Store
Microsoft’s Windows Store

The Verge has posted a leaked screenshot of a Windows Phone companion app, but that provides only a glimpse at how syncing might work. In addition, it doesn’t answer the question of whether a desktop sync application will remain available.

On a related note, we don’t know whether Apple will release a version of iTunes for the Windows Store. It seems unlikely, but that would be the only way for Windows RT users to sync their content to an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Will Apple ignore these users because they dared to choose an RT tablet over an iPad? Only time will tell.

What are the details on Xbox Music?

Xbox Music
Xbox Music

Although Microsoft announced Xbox Music in June, details remain murky. The service is expected to be a competitor to Pandora and Spotify, with free radio-style streaming and subscription-based music on demand, but the official word is to wait and see about specifics on pricing and packaging.

The biggest remaining question about the service is whether it will be an answer to Apple’s iTunes in the Cloud, which acts as an online repository for all the music you already own. Whether Xbox Music will have a similar music-locker element is unclear. We expect answers soon, but as of press time Xbox Music remains quite mysterious.

What are the specifics on SmartGlass?

SmartGlass is a companion app for Windows 8 tablets—and eventually other mobile devices—that lets users control and send content to the Xbox 360. It can also show additional content on the small screen while a video is playing on the television.

Xbox SmartGlass
SmartGlass on mobile devices

That sounds great, except we don’t know exactly how content selection will work for third-party apps, such as Netflix. We’re also uncertain about how many apps will offer second-screen content for SmartGlass. To date, Microsoft has demonstrated HBO GO and shown concepts of what Halo 4 on Smartglass might look like, but the company has released little hard information.

Will other Microsoft apps, such as Paint and Movie Maker, go modern?

Microsoft will preload Windows 8 with several of its own tablet-optimized apps, such as Bing, Sports, Finance, and Weather. Even Solitaire received a makeover for the new touch interface in Windows 8.

Still, some apps, including Paint and Movie Maker, haven’t crossed over from the desktop. This is somewhat surprising, considering that Apple’s content-creation apps, such as iPhoto and iMovie, have become big selling points for the iPad.

Will Microsoft port its own apps, or will it rely on third parties to fill in the gaps? That’s a critical question, considering that the Windows Store, Microsoft’s app portal, is woefully understocked. If Microsoft really wants consumers to take its app ecosystem seriously, it should ensure that all of its key, legacy desktop software products come in modern-style touch versions too.

What’s the future for version upgrades? Leer más “Windows 8: Nine unanswered questions about the new OS | pcworld.com”

El cerebro de Einstein, en una aplicación para iPad



La app NMHMC Harvey fue desarrollada por el Museo Nacional de la Salud y la Medicina de Chicago, EEUU, y permite ver de cerca la neuroanatomía del físico mediante imágenes tomadas durante su autopsia

El cerebro de Einstein, en una aplicación para iPad

Cuando Albert Einstein murió, en 1955, el patólogo Thomas Harvey realizó una autopsia a su cuerpo y removió el cerebro del físico nacido en Alemania para analizarlo en detalle con la esperanza de que le pudiera revelar los secretos detrás de su inteligencia.

Durante el procedimiento, Harvey tomó imágenes del cerebro de Einstein y las plasmó en diversas láminas que hoy están disponibles para los usuarios de iPad por un costo de u$s9.99.

El Museo Nacional de la Salud y la Medicina de Chicago, en los Estados Unidos, es el responsable de desarrollar la aplicación que ya se puede descargar en iTunes. “Creo que Einstein habría estado entusiasmado”, dijo Steve Landers, un consultor del museo, a la agencia AP. Leer más “El cerebro de Einstein, en una aplicación para iPad”

¿Puede la publicidad cambiar el mundo? | via masr.com.mx


¿Puede la publicidad cambiar el mundo? Según Jeff Rosenblum, co-fundador de la agenciaQuestus, la respuesta es sí; para probar este punto, co-escribió y co-dirigió un documental sobre las marcas que han entendido este poder, crean mejores productos, ayudan al planeta y dicen la verdad en su publicidad.

El documental The Naked Brand, que se presentará este mes en festivales de cine y conferencias de marketing, no presenta a clientes de Questus, pero sí incluye entrevistas a ejecutivos de grandes empresas como UnileverPatagonia,PepsiCo y Zappos, además de personalidades como Shaquille O’Neal.

Todos ellos comparten sus experiencias y filosofía detrás de sus políticas. La tesis del documental es que, en la era de la comunicación y la tecnología, es imposible que una empresa ofrezca un mal producto o incurra en comportamientos poco éticos, porque la gente se dará cuenta eventualmente. Así lo resume Keith Weed, CEO de Unilever: “En el mundo digital, una marca es juzgada por lo que dice, pero también por lo que hace. La publicidad puede presentarle una marca a los consumidores, pero finalmente será juzgada por sus actos”. Leer más “¿Puede la publicidad cambiar el mundo? | via masr.com.mx”

Tributo al reggae



Benicàssim se ha convertido en un enclave del reggae. Los mismos terrenos donde se celebra el FIB son estos días un santuario de la música jamaicana. En su interior hay un rincón, llamado el Reggae University Camp, cubierto de carteles de todo el mundo que homenajean a este genero de música que celebra su 50 aniversario este año.

Todos los trabajos fueron presentados al Reggae Poster Festival, un concurso internacional que pidió a diseñadores aportar su visión sobre esta música. Estos son algunos de ellos:

Dimitris Evagelou:

Arvee Fider:

Alon Brier:

Leer más “Tributo al reggae”