Inspired by his presentations, customers flocked to Apple stores waited in line for days to be the first to buy the newly released product. And his presentations left the media salivating over his every word.

You may not have the huge fan base or the media clout of Apple, but you can still use several strategies that Steve Jobs employed to kick-start your product launch.

Every presentation that he gave followed a specific formula that you can use for your:

  • Webinars
  • Product Videos
  • Launch Events

First, you need to build the structure of the presentation. Then you need to incorporate a powerful message. And finally, you need to tell a memorable story that your audience wants to hear. Let’s get into the details of how Steve executed this wonderful presentation recipe…

1. Build the Structure

A Steve Jobs presentation followed a very specific structure that left the audience with no choice but to focus on the message being conveyed. Each presentation began with a roadmap, he broke every segment into three parts, and he never spoke on one topic longer than ten minutes.

Create a Roadmap

Near the beginning of his presentation, Steve Jobs always revealed what he was going to address. This gives the audience a visual guide for what to expect.

In the beginning of the iPhone launch, Steve Jobs announced that he was going to introduce three revolutionary new products:

  1. A wide screen iPod with touch controls
  2. A revolutionary new phone
  3. A breakthrough internet communications device

Eventually, he revealed this isn’t three products, but one product called iPhone. Not only was this dramatic, but it also set the stage for what the audience was going to see for the remainder of the event.

Unfortunately, too many presenters don’t reveal a roadmap and fail to heighten the sense of anticipationthat the audience felt when they decided to attend the event.

When it was first revealed that Steve Jobs was going to be talking about an iPod, phone, and internet browser all in the same device, the audience was beside themselves wondering how this whole thing was going to work.

And the same thing would happen to your audience too. When you reveal the features of your new product, your audience is going to wonder with excitement how the features are going to solve their most pressing problems.

By increasing the level of anticipation in your audience, the more attentive they will be for the remainder of your presentation. Continuar leyendo «How to Present like Steve Jobs»