11 Top CSS Editors Reviewed

By Alvaris Falcon

Back to the time when the look of a website must be defined inside the HTML, web designer experienced the nightmare like coding each <font> tag in every single web page. Thus, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) comes to bring the salvation to lost web designer. It allows you to define your website’s appearance with just one single external file, which saves a pretty lot of your work and make your code management easier than never before.

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Bing Partners With Foursquare To Challenge Facebook | Online Media Gazette

After the end of SES New York, Bing’s developers shared with the attendees about their plans to start testing some of their new features this coming summer. One of the features mentioned is Quick Tabs where it anticipates the intent of the task that the customer wants to accomplish and provide shortcuts for activities such as weather, events, and maps.

Bing also has their eyes set on real-time data to help customers stay up-to-date on news and information. The most intriguing feature that was featured would be their Foursquare Map Apps. They are ‘quick’ to notice that under the area of search, visualization on maps is getting more popular by the day.

The result is the introduction of Map Apps which enables Bing to bring relevant data from partners to this spatial platform. And by partners, they meant Foursquare. This helps to give customers a real time sense of what’s going on as they plan activities in their own neighbourhoods or while on the road.

The last feature that was mentioned seems like a direct challenge to Facebook’s plan to introduce their location-based status feature this coming April after they announced it a week ago. While Facebook may only look at targeting small and medium businesses, it doesn’t hurt to say that this might even be targeted at the larger market. As for Bing, we can only wait and see to conclude whether this move will help them grow their market share for search queries.


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