Don’t Just Say It, Display It: Visually Enhance Your Professional Story on your LinkedIn Profile [SLIDESHOW]

Udi Milo, Linkedin – Blog
Posted by @fgomezcordoba

There are hundreds of ways for us to express ourselves in our daily lives. From the clothes we wear to the words we choose to use, the pictures we share and the music we play — the possibilities are endless.

This is equally important in the professional context, as no two professionals are alike. For the first time, you will now have the ability to showcase your unique professional story using rich, visual content on your LinkedIn profile. This means you can illustrate your greatest achievements in the form of stunning images, compelling videos, innovative presentations and more. From the analyst who makes annual predictions on tech trends to the 3D animator who is looking to fund a new short film, the opportunities are limitless for how professionals can now use the LinkedIn profile to help showcase these unique stories in a visual way.

To begin sharing your achievements and creations on your profile, simply select “edit” on your profile then follow the prompts in your “Summary,” “Experience” and “Education” sections. Other members can also “like” or comment on what you’ve posted.

Need a little inspiration? Here are a just few examples to help inspire you as you start exploring this new way to showcase your career and work.

This is just a glimpse of what’s possible. The ability to add your visual content to your profile will begin rolling out to members in English speaking countries today. We look forward to finding new ways to bring this type of rich media across your LinkedIn experience. Stay tuned, there’s more to come.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing how you choose to display your professional story on your profile.

SafeFrame – thnxz @iab

The SafeFrame 1.0 technology is a managed API-enabled iframe that opens a line of communication between the publisher page content and the iframe-contained external content, such as ads. Because of this line of communication, content served into a SafeFrame is afforded data collection and rich interaction, such as ad expansion, that is unavailable in a standard iframe.

To avoid disruptive ad behavior and the potential security risks of serving ads inline with the page, publishers may choose to have ad content served into an iframe.

An iframe is a sort of mini HTML page within the publisher-hosted page. Using the iframe, ad content is sequestered within the boundaries of the iframe and unable to access any information about the page where it is served. Without access to page content, ad content within the iframe cannot expand, interact dynamically with site visitors, or collect any data necessary in determining ad effectiveness.

The iframe solution protects the publisher, but it also limits ad capabilities and decreases the value of inventory that is restricted to iframes.

SafeFrame’s API-enabled iframe opens a line of communication between webpage code and the ad content in a controlled and transparent way. This communication allows for rich interaction while protecting the publisher’s page from undetected changes that might otherwise damage page integrity.
Some key benefits of SafeFrame for digital advertising include:

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Targeting The Consumer: Comparing Tablet to Desktop Paid Search Performance

via MediaPost | Engage:Affluent

In my world, we think a lot about reaching affluent audiences with targeted rich media. Of course, rich media isn’t the only way to reach luxury buyers – search engine marketing is also incredibly effective and complimentary to the rich media experience. Since search is extending well beyond the desktop, brands now have to think about targeting audiences by device as well as by keyword phrase.

To talk more about this, I’ve invited my friends at Morpheus Media, who’ve just completed a study on tablet search behavior across five luxury brands, to join me here. Basheer Bergus, Paid Search
Strategist at Morpheus, shares what they’ve learned…

IAB: A Global Network


Competition for consumers’ hearts and minds is no longer bounded by geographic frontiers – digital marketing, news, entertainment, and content are all global. The new-media marketplace naturally bleeds across frontiers, often with knee-high barriers to entry. But succeeding in this widely varied and vast arena will not be as easy.

Nearly all major digital companies are by their nature already global. Start-ups, lately, are adding an international dimension to their efforts sooner in their life cycle than ever before. It is our intention that through our collaboration, all IABs will help their members become digital influencers worldwide.

IABs from around the world:

  • Help build markets
  • Bring members together for common interests
  • Make digital standards fluid across boundaries
  • Produce world-class events for top digital influencers

North America
 IAB Canada
 IAB Caribbean
 IAB Mexico

South America
 IAB Argentina
 IAB Brazil
 IAB Chile
 IAB Colombia
 IAB Peru
 IAB Uruguay

Asia & Australia
 IAB Australia
 IAB New Zealand
 IAB Singapore
 IAB Vietnam

 IAB Austria
 IAB Belgium
 IAB Bulgaria
 IAB Croatia
 IAB Denmark
 IAB Finland
 IAB France
 IAB Germany
 IAB Greece
 IAB Hungary
 IAB Ireland
 IAB Italy
 IAB Netherlands
 IAB Norway
 IAB Poland
 IAB Romania
 IAB Russia
 IAB Serbia
 IAB Slovakia

 IAB Spain
 IAB Sweden
 IAB Switzerland
 IAB Turkey
 IAB United Kingdom



Guidelines, Standards & Best Practices – iab

Interactive Advertising Bureau -- Dedicated to the growth of interactive advertisingView the IAB Operating Agenda: Beyond Time and Space, a top-level objective of the IAB, guiding the creation of new initiatives and advancing existing endeavors.

The IAB addresses major issues in supply chain, measurement and simplifying the processes associated with buying, planning and creating interactive media.  Browse our work below.


Google lanza Lightbox, un nuevo formato de anuncio extensible

Con este nuevo sistema implementado por el gigante de Internet, los anunciantes sólo tienen que pagar si lo usuarios interactúan con la publicidad

El anuncio que aparece en una página con un tamaño estándar, se amplía cuando el usuario desplaza su cursor sobre él por más de dos segundos.

Los anunciantes pueden aprovechar este nuevo tipo de formato para incluir toda una variedad de material rich media, tales como videos de YouTube, juegos y galerías de fotos con enlaces a tiendas de comercio electrónico.

Google comenta en su blog que este producto es el primero de una nueva familia de anuncios que va a permitir a las empresas pagar únicamente cuando el usuario interactúe con ellos.

Sobre Google TrueView
Según informó Puro Marketing, Google ya está ofreciendo en YouTube un tipo de aviso con un esquema de pago similar.

En este sistema, denominado TrueView, los usuarios tienen la opción de cancelar, después de cinco segundos de emisión, un breve anuncio que se muestra justo antes del video seleccionado.Si se cancela el visionado, el anunciante no está obligado a realizar ningún pago.

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