10 innovation experts to whom you should be listening


As the publisher of the world’s largest innovation website, I have the opportunity to hear from and read the thoughts of many innovation experts. These are ten of the people whose insights have had the greatest influence on my thinking. Most of them publish articles and/or blog posts on a regular basis on the subject of innovation:

Jeffrey Phillips – Author of the Innovate on Purpose blog and the new book, Make Us More Innovative.

Steve Shapiro – Author of the 24/7 Innovation blog and the book of the same name, as well as the developer of the new Innovation Personality Poker card deck.

Jeffrey Baumgartner – Author of the excellent and frequently thought-provoking Report103 e-newsletter and founder of the JPB innovation consultancy.

Mitch Ditkoff – Creative guy extraordinaire; author of the eclectic and creative Heart of Innovation blog, the marvelous business fable Awake at the Wheel: Getting Your Great Ideas Rolling in an Uphill World and numerous creativity and idea management tools… Leer más “10 innovation experts to whom you should be listening”