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Hey, baby face. Think you’re being judged? You’re not. In fact, you may be at an advantage when starting a business.

Baby Face


If you have the sort of cute-but-less-than-authoritative face that causes random aunts to reach out and pinch your cheeks, is your career as an entrepreneur bound to suffer? After all, who would support the business ventures of someone who looks like he could still be mowing lawns for pocket change to go to the prom?

But baby-faced business owners and entrepreneurs who are genuinely young and look their age should take heart: Not everyone thinks your youthful looks are simply a disadvantage. For instance, a new study led by a professor of marketing at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business finds that when hiring managers are given a choice between proven ability and apparent potential, they often opt for the excitement of the untested but promising candidate. Leer más “Secret: Your Age Doesn’t Matter”


In Brazil, Babies Mean Business | Jillian D’Onfro

A small crop of Brazilian baby retailers are gaining traction–and funding from high-profile investors.
Baby boom? It looks like there is a burgeoning baby e-commerce sector in Brazil.

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Most recently, Baby, a Brazil-based online retailer of baby goods, just secured $16.7 million in financing, led by Accel Partners, according to The New York Times.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of more Brazil baby start-up success: Another online retailer, Bebestore, recently raised more than $10 million from London-based venture capital firm Atomico, reported The Times.

Overall, Brazil’s economic growth forecasts continue to drop, but e-commerce still entices investors. Why?  Brazilians spent 26% more online last year than they did in 2010—or $10.1 billion. This year, experts estimate total spending to increase to $12.6 billion.

While the sector is growing, it does offer unique challenges for entrepreneurs.  The two Americans who founded Baby, Davis Smith and Kimball Thomas, told the paper they struggled with a shipping infrastructure that is very different from that in the United States.

“Being an entrepreneur in Brazil is not for the faint of heart,” Smith told The Times.