Las redes sociales en pleno 2012, la infografía de la semana | vía genbetasocialmedia


59 redes sociales. Ése es el número de plataformas que han estudiado desde Ignite Social Media para elaborar una infografía con sus estadísticas de uso y sus aspectos más relevantes. Sabemos, por ejemplo, que hay igualdad de usuarios si hablamos de género pero que la red con más chicas es Pinterest, mientras que para chicos tendríamos que remitirlos a Dribble.

Además, se incluyen curiosos gráficos que muestran los cinco ganadores y los cinco perdedores a nivel social de los últimos tiempos en función de su crecimiento. Entre los ganadores están Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest y LinkedIn, mientras que Friendster y Digg figuran entre los grandes perdedores. Por si tenéis curiosidad, aquí está la versión de 2011. Os dejamos la infografía completa actual a continuación >>>> Leer más “Las redes sociales en pleno 2012, la infografía de la semana | vía genbetasocialmedia”

4 Ways to Tell if You’re Getting the Right Visitors to Your Business Blog

You’re not done studying your site analytics, yet. Next, take a look at the search terms that are driving traffic to your site.

If you sell sofa-beds, but are posting about — and getting search hits for — your dog rescue efforts, you’re probably not using your blog effectively as a marketing tool. Rescuing pets is certainly commendable, but the people visiting your site to read about how you saved Shadow aren’t likely to shell out for a sleeper sofa.

If many of your most popular website search terms are for terms that are only tangentially (or not at all) related to your core business, it’s time to start thinking more strategically about creating content that relates to your business goals. Start a secondary blog for the side project or hobby that’s bringing in keyword traffic, and focus your main site on content based around keywords that your target consumers are likely to be searching for.


When you’re looking at your business blog metrics, it’s always nice to see high traffic. But the number of visitors your site receives is just a small part of the picture. What’s even more important? Finding out whether your visitors are truly engaging with your content — and, even more importantly, if your site visitors are viable sales prospects.

Try these strategies for assessing whether your content marketing efforts are reaching the right audiences.

Analyze your referral traffic sources

Most business sites receive traffic from a mix of referring sources, which might include social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter; social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, or Reddit; and links from websites on similar topics.

Social bookmarking sites often send the most traffic — in fact, StumbleUpon accounts for more than half of all U.S.-based social media traffic, according to a recent report. But, even when the numbers are high, you may not be reaching the audience you’re seeking.

Consider the common audience demographics of your referral traffic sources: If you run a business-to-business site, does traffic from individual-focused sites like StumbleUpon and Digg fit your mission, or should you focus your promotional efforts on business networking sites like LinkedIn? Leer más “4 Ways to Tell if You’re Getting the Right Visitors to Your Business Blog”