Remindeo, agenda para crear y compartir tareas pendientes


Remindeo es un servicio gratuito para añadir tareas pendientes y poder activar recordatorios, tanto para nosotros mismos como si queremos compartir días especiales y tareas importantes con otras personas. Seguir leyendo “Remindeo, agenda para crear y compartir tareas pendientes”

Las 7 redes sociales más extrañas de Internet

Twitter 6x6Olvidate de Facebook. Olvidate de Twitter. Sacá la cabeza, abrí tu mente y conocé el Lado B de las redes sociales. Acá, las más llamativas.

Divertite un rato.

Las redes sociales llegaron para quedarse. Y no todo es Facebook, Twitter o Pinterest.
Hay, por decirle de algún modo, otras consideradas de nicho, especializadas en determinada temática.

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Apple fans in Argentina face an uncertain wait for the iPhone


Fans of the iPhone in Argentina may have to wait at least a year to officially purchase the Apple device, as the government continues to impose restrictions on imports of the world’s bestselling smartphone.

The Wall Street Journal reports that whilst the iPhone isn’t banned in the country, its restrictions on mobile operators extend to devices that are not in manufactured there. With Apple’s main supply partners located in Asia (for now), it doesn’t fulfill that criteria and therefore sales are restricted in the country.

According to the report, Apple only sold 3,000 iPhones in Argentina before government restrictions were put in place in March 2011, selling 30,000 in 2010. Seguir leyendo “Apple fans in Argentina face an uncertain wait for the iPhone”

Web Design Lessons from An iDevice

By: Alexander Dawson

While I appreciate that there are many happy Android, Blackberry and WinMo users out there, after previously being an Apple hater turned convert to the iPhone I believe that the way in which the device along with its sister products the iPod Touch and iPad have been created showcase some good principles and best practices that many in our industry (regardless of their position on Apple) could follow more frequently, even if you don’t agree with some of their methods or products.

Web Design Lessons from An iDevice

This article is dedicated to what I believe are these great “life” lessons which can be drawn from many sources both online and offline. The reason why the focus of this article is on Apple is mainly due to the unique way it’s got lessons to highlight within its hardware and build quality, the way it’s software functions and even how it browses the web. There’s nothing like getting inspired from a non-website source to get you thinking, and hopefully this article will do just that for you too!

Note: It’s worth mentioning that many of the lessons and practices outlined in this article could be based on any number of other mobile devices, however it’s worth saying that Apple do genuinely seem able to really connect with an audience’s needs when it comes to an effective user interface. Seguir leyendo “Web Design Lessons from An iDevice”