How to pitch your idea so that you get fundin


how to pitch your killer idea so that you get fundingGiven that I spend most of my day being pitched ideas, I’m frustrated by how many people struggle with how to pitch their ideas so that others will join the cause.  Let’s not fool ourselves, selling an idea is all about selling the cause.  The ability to convince others that they should stop (or pause) what they are working on and join you is a skill all creatives need. The key is not to focus on the technology or the cool widget but to tell a story that the person can put themselves into.  You want them to see themselves not just using but desiring the idea you are pitching.

Over the years, I’ve learned by trial and error (more errors than I would care to admit) the do’s and don’ts and I shared some of them in a past podcast (Podcast: Making The Innovation Pitch).  One request I get is to help people with crafting their pitchs. Seguir leyendo “How to pitch your idea so that you get fundin”