Global Mobile Advertising Revenues Surge 82.8% in 2012 – thnxz to @iab

Mobile advertising revenue continues to be dominated by the search segment, which represented 52.8 percent of total global mobile advertising revenue, or $4.7 USD (€3.6 billion EURO) in 2012, $2.5 billion in 2011(€1.9 billion). Display advertising accounted for 38.7 percent and messaging 8.5 percent.

The share by region of the global figure of $8.9 billion (€6.9 billion) for 2012 is:

  • Asia-Pacific: 40.2% ($3,558 million/€2,769 million)
  • North America: 39.8% ($3,525 million/€2,743 million)
  • Western Europe: 16.9% ($1,499 million/€1,167 million)
  • Central Europe: 1.3% ($112 million/€87 million)
  • Middle East & Africa: 1.2% ($109 million/€85 million)
  • Latin America: 0.6% ($50 million/€39 million)


Growth year-over-year was strong across the board, led by North America, which saw a 111 percent surge over 2011 figures. Western Europe also saw a major increase, 91 percent over the previous year. Other year-over-year upswings include:

  • Latin America: 71%
  • Central Europe: 69%
  • Middle-East and Africa: 68%
  • Asia-Pacific: 60%

«Mobile is coming into its own as a powerhouse advertising medium,» says Anna Bager, Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, U.S. IAB. «Today’s advertising is happening in a world where ad campaigns can be planned and bought across global networks on multiple media, but the massive and continuing acceleration of mobile’s international impact provides new and exciting frontiers for content and communication.»

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Anuncio publicitario

IAB Spain: infografía de la Publicidad Digital en TV conectada – @IAB_Spain

El documento recoge de manera gráfica todos los aspectos claves a tener en cuenta para realizar campañas publicitarias digitales en el entorno de la TV conectada.


De esta manera, se resumen los datos más importantes en cuanto a:

  • Qué entendemos por TVC
  • Actores del mercado
  • Nuevo modelo de usuario y consumo
  • Objetivos de las campañas en TVC
  • Modelos de Pago
  • Métricas
  • Soportes y formatos estándares
  • Ventajas de las campañas en este nuevo dispositivo
  • Top claves del mercado
  • Pasos a seguir en una campaña

Los objetivos del documento son ayudar a formar a los tomadores de decisiones, fomentar las inversiones, facilitar herramientas de venta para los asociados y, en definitiva, dinamizar el mercado publicitario digital en el entorno de las TV conectadas. Ha sido patrocinado por Videology, lo que permitirá lanzar 5000 copias físicas en tamaño A-3 como herramienta de difusión de la industria.

En palabras de Javier Clarke, Director de Mobile & New Media de IAB Spain, “la irrupción de nuevos dispositivos conectados no sólo está redefiniendo industrias tradicionales, sino que permite que las marcas innoven en su comunicación y generen mayor impacto e implicación”.

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IAB Spain

IAB Spain (Interactive Adverstising Bureau) es la asociación española que representa al sector de la publicidad y la comunicación digital en España. Con más de 180 asociados, representa al 95% del sector en nuestro país, y es la única asociación que engloba a agencias de medios, creativas, anunciantes, soportes, redes, buscadores, consultoras, medios de comunicación, proveedores tecnológicos y empresas de digital signage. Su objetivo principal es la promoción del marketing y la publicidad interactiva en España. Pertenece a la asociación internacional del mismo nombre, presente en 44 países.

‘HTML5 for Digital Advertising 1.0 : Guidance for Ad Designers & Creative Technologists’ – @iab

IAB Ad Operations Council and Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence Release ‘HTML5 for Digital Advertising 1.0’ for Public Comment

The “HTML5 for Digital Advertising 1.0” document flags challenges in adopting HTML5, as well as solutions for overcoming those hurdles. It features time and cost-savings guidance, an HTML5 wiki resource for designers and developers, and also addresses:

  • HTML5 display ads (non-rich media)
  • File and ad unit size, code and asset compression
  • In-banner video advertising and animation
  • Efficient ad creative packaging
  • Ad server compatibility communication recommendations

“With multi-screen advertising growing at such a continued rate and increasing in demand daily, it’s mandatory that we (as an industry) demonstrate how marketers can strategically and effectively bring HTML5 ad development into the mainstream,” said John Percival, Senior Creative Technologist, PointRoll, and member of the IAB HTML5 Working Group. “As new screens emerge, and people change the way they view and interact with content, advertisers will need a standard ad solution that’s ubiquitous in the ever-changing environment.”

“Flash-formatted ads are packaged for delivery to Flash players, and the end-to-end integration is seamless in this proprietary environment. In comparison, when deploying HTML5 ads, some manual packaging is necessary to guarantee superior and complete delivery, as well as a uniform ad experience,” said Steve Sullivan, Vice President, Ad Technology, IAB. “The shift from visual design to code-based design will increase companies’ operational overhead, which could potentially be magnified if publishers and ad developers lack a common framework for HTML5 ad optimization.”

“HTML5’s ability for seamless transition across a multitude of digital screens is a tremendous boon for the interactive advertising community,” said Anna Bager, Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB. “This guidance offers marketers, creative designers, publishers and other stakeholders in the digital ad ecosystem the practical knowledge required for effective ad creation and distribution.”

Download HTML5 document…
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SafeFrame – thnxz @iab

The SafeFrame 1.0 technology is a managed API-enabled iframe that opens a line of communication between the publisher page content and the iframe-contained external content, such as ads. Because of this line of communication, content served into a SafeFrame is afforded data collection and rich interaction, such as ad expansion, that is unavailable in a standard iframe.

To avoid disruptive ad behavior and the potential security risks of serving ads inline with the page, publishers may choose to have ad content served into an iframe.

An iframe is a sort of mini HTML page within the publisher-hosted page. Using the iframe, ad content is sequestered within the boundaries of the iframe and unable to access any information about the page where it is served. Without access to page content, ad content within the iframe cannot expand, interact dynamically with site visitors, or collect any data necessary in determining ad effectiveness.

The iframe solution protects the publisher, but it also limits ad capabilities and decreases the value of inventory that is restricted to iframes.

SafeFrame’s API-enabled iframe opens a line of communication between webpage code and the ad content in a controlled and transparent way. This communication allows for rich interaction while protecting the publisher’s page from undetected changes that might otherwise damage page integrity.
Some key benefits of SafeFrame for digital advertising include:

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Download the Social Data Demystification & Best Practice

#SocialData — Demystified! New IABlog post by Patrick Dolan, IAB

IAB’s Data Council just rolled out a new report—Social Data: Demystification & Best Practice—that can give companies and marketers a sturdier starting point for understanding and making better use of this growing mass of information and its power to positively influence millions of people through social amplification.

social-tradanalyticsvssocialdataanalytics.JPGSocial data that haven’t existed in traditional digital media analytic channels (Social Data: Demystification and Best Practice, IAB)

Social Data flows from a million directions. For example, many online marketers are using trackable URLs when posting to social media. These allow you to see exactly where your traffic and customers come from. Another popular social media tool allows you to add a share button wherever you need one on your website—a tool that creates data about who comes to your site, when and why. Of course social media sites themselves also generate masses of social data for you to use. All in all, just like other entities that are growing their online community, we at IAB use Social Data analysis tools, to see where our offerings are strong and to get feedback that helps us reach unexplored audiences. Continuar leyendo «Download the Social Data Demystification & Best Practice»

IAB Supports Consumer Control over Internet Ad Experiences


Interactive Advertising Bureau -- Dedicated to the growth of interactive advertising

Says Machine-Driven ‘Do-Not-Track’ Systems Limit Users’ Freedom of Choice

Publishers Will Not Be Penalized by Council of Better Business Bureaus for Ignoring Web Browsers’ Ineffective & Confusing ‘Do-Not-Track’ Mechanisms

NEW YORK, NY (October 9, 2012) — The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) is issuing its full support for the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) position against machine-driven “do-not-track” (DNT) browser standards, because they restrict consumer control and freedom of choice. The announcement comes on the heels of a just-released DAA statement opposing the DNT settings automatically imposed on consumers by the Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10 (IE10) browser.

The DAA’s statement addresses publishers’ concerns about what will happen if they do not honor IE10-imposed DNT flags. DAA, the digital advertising industry’s self-regulatory body, does not require companies to honor DNT signals fixed by browser manufacturers and set by them in browsers. Specifically, it is not a DAA principle or in any way a requirement under the DAA standards to honor a DNT signal that is automatically set in IE10 or any other browser. The Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) will not sanction or penalize companies that ignore the default settings on IE10 or other browsers and intermediaries. In contrast, the DAA and CBBB will continue to impose disciplinary measures on companies that violate legitimate consumer choices under the “AdChoices” self-regulation program.

In a report issued last week, researchers from the Harvard Business School determined that the ad-supported internet ecosystem was responsible for 5.1 million jobs and contributed $530 billion to the U.S. economy in 2011 alone.

About the IAB Continuar leyendo «IAB Supports Consumer Control over Internet Ad Experiences»

IAB: A Global Network


Competition for consumers’ hearts and minds is no longer bounded by geographic frontiers – digital marketing, news, entertainment, and content are all global. The new-media marketplace naturally bleeds across frontiers, often with knee-high barriers to entry. But succeeding in this widely varied and vast arena will not be as easy.

Nearly all major digital companies are by their nature already global. Start-ups, lately, are adding an international dimension to their efforts sooner in their life cycle than ever before. It is our intention that through our collaboration, all IABs will help their members become digital influencers worldwide.

IABs from around the world:

  • Help build markets
  • Bring members together for common interests
  • Make digital standards fluid across boundaries
  • Produce world-class events for top digital influencers

North America
 IAB Canada
 IAB Caribbean
 IAB Mexico

South America
 IAB Argentina
 IAB Brazil
 IAB Chile
 IAB Colombia
 IAB Peru
 IAB Uruguay

Asia & Australia
 IAB Australia
 IAB New Zealand
 IAB Singapore
 IAB Vietnam

 IAB Austria
 IAB Belgium
 IAB Bulgaria
 IAB Croatia
 IAB Denmark
 IAB Finland
 IAB France
 IAB Germany
 IAB Greece
 IAB Hungary
 IAB Ireland
 IAB Italy
 IAB Netherlands
 IAB Norway
 IAB Poland
 IAB Romania
 IAB Russia
 IAB Serbia
 IAB Slovakia

 IAB Spain
 IAB Sweden
 IAB Switzerland
 IAB Turkey
 IAB United Kingdom



Guidelines, Standards & Best Practices – iab

Interactive Advertising Bureau -- Dedicated to the growth of interactive advertisingView the IAB Operating Agenda: Beyond Time and Space, a top-level objective of the IAB, guiding the creation of new initiatives and advancing existing endeavors.

The IAB addresses major issues in supply chain, measurement and simplifying the processes associated with buying, planning and creating interactive media.  Browse our work below.


IAB Future Formats awards showcase new online creative canvases

UK – The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) held its inaugural Future Formats award on 29 February, recognising next-generation ad formats. UK-news publication The Telegraph won the top award for its new online advertising format, Cascade.

By Staff Reporters
The award is described as IAB’s response to the acceleration in brand-based online display advertising. The call for entries invited media owners and technology companies to showcase next-generation formats that could be adopted in 2012.
The judging panel comprised senior members of digital media and creative agencies, including Arabella Judd, integration director, ZenithOptimedia and Ben Lunt, head of multiplatform, Leo Burnett.

UK – The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) held its inaugural Future Formats award on 29 February, recognising next-generation ad formats. UK-news publication The Telegraph won the top award for its new online advertising format, Cascade.

By Staff Reporters
The award is described as IAB’s response to the acceleration in brand-based online display advertising. The call for entries invited media owners and technology companies to showcase next-generation formats that could be adopted in 2012.

The judging panel comprised senior members of digital media and creative agencies, including Arabella Judd, integration director, ZenithOptimedia and Ben Lunt, head of multiplatform, Leo Burnett.
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