Is YouTube Citizen Journalism Desensitizing Us?

Posted by Megan O’Neill

Every Human Has RightsYouTube has recently become one of the most popular mediums for spreading the word about human rights violations around the globe, from the death of female protester Neda Agha-Soltan after last year’s election in Iran to police brutality in Zanzibar and human rights abuses in Russian prisons.  But while this influx of amateur footage of human rights violations is certainly giving us a better idea of the inhumanity going on in other parts of the world, I can’t help but wonder whether these snuff-like videos aren’t desensitizing us to these atrocities.  The more videos we see of people being killed, beaten and treated like animals the less shocking it is.  Is human rights citizen journalism desensitizing us?

YouTube has been working on a blog series with WITNESS, human rights video advocacy and training organization, and in their most recent post they ask YouTubers for their opinions on human rights in a series of questions.  One of the most interesting questions that they ask regards our desensitization to human rights footage:

“In the past, in many countries, human rights images were largely filtered through the news media.  But today, nearly everyone has seen a video or photo on the Internet that has made them aware of injustice.  With access to these kinds of images getting easier, and more stories appearing from more places, the sheer quantity of this content risks either overwhelming viewers, or desensitizing us to its value.  How do you think people can stay alert to the power of these images without becoming immune to them?” Seguir leyendo “Is YouTube Citizen Journalism Desensitizing Us?”

80 Controversial and Disturbing Print Ads

Let’s look at these advertisements objectively with an open and analytical mind and appreciate the creativity that went into it. One has to wonder how the creative directors and designers came up with these concepts. What was the thought process and rational behind their radical ideas? Was there prior censorship and surveying done in a control group before the decision to go ahead with the advert was made? No matter the response, such advertisements do exist and are on the rise. Does challenging the norm by being controversial and extreme payoff by leaving an impact or making an impression on viewers? This is an answer we’d love to find out.

Here are 80 controversial advertisements that challenge the boundaries of what is socially and morally acceptable with the use of dark humour and shock tactics. These print advertisements often use gore, vulgarity, sex, violence, and sometimes religion to promote their products or bring across the organisations’ message. These adverts either challenge social, political or moral propriety. That is why some of these advertisements are banned in certain countries. Although the use of such adverts can be effective, it is not for the faint of heart or small of mind. Not everyone can appreciate the beauty in such clever and deliberate ugliness.

Ariel: Pervert

Amnesty International: Archery

AMAM – Association of Women Against Genital Mutilation: Plastic doll

Alka-Seltzer: New Year
Alka Seltzer

Alac: Kitchen

Ace: Tarantula

A Bela Sintra: Foot
A Bela Sintra Foot

WWF: Blood

Amnesty International: Red Little Tender
Violence Against Women

Vergessen ist ansteckend: Tub

TMF: Army
TMF Seguir leyendo “80 Controversial and Disturbing Print Ads”