Facebook Home / quizás esperaba más!


El conjunto de aplicaciones que hacen de tus amigos, los protagonistas.
Solo tienes que encender el teléfono para ver una secuencia continua de las fotos y publicaciones de tus amigos. No volverás a perderte nada gracias al acceso directo a las aplicaciones más importantes y a tus notificaciones. Además, podrás seguir charlando con tus amigos mientras uses otras aplicaciones.
Facebook Home te ofrece todo esto: no existe un teléfono, aplicación o sistema operativo igual.
Recibe las notificaciones donde las necesites
Las notificaciones sobre llamadas, eventos, actualizaciones de Facebook y de otras aplicaciones permanecen en la página de inicio hasta que ya no las necesites.¹ Las fotos del perfil y los iconos de las aplicaciones facilitan saber qué es cada cosa. Toca lo que quieras ver y arrastra con el dedo lo que no te interese.
¹En el celular HTC First se reciben todas las notificaciones. La descarga gratuita de Home incluye las notificaciones de Facebook.

¿Ya tienes un celular Android? Descarga Home gratis

Disfrutar de Facebook Home en el Android es facilísimo: solo tienes que descargar Messenger y las aplicaciones de Facebook. Pronto podrás descargar Facebook Home para Android en Google Play. Estará disponible para algunos dispositivos, como el HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III y Samsung Galaxy Note II.
Descarga gratuita disponible a partir del 12 de abril.

HTC Primo could bring Beats Audio and Android 4.0 to the masses


Andy Boxall
JANUARY 24, 2012BY http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/htc-primo-could-bring-beats-audio-and-android-4-0-to-the-masses/


A new leak outlines the features of the HTC Primo, a phone that could bring Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Beats Audio technology to the mid-range.

We can expect plenty of smartphone-related leaks over the coming weeks, as information on the devices set to debut at Mobile World Congress starts to circulate. We’ve already seen the LG X3this week, and here we have another Android phone that could show up at the end of February – the HTC Primo.

Despite being currently blessed with a name that suggests a top-end spec, the Primo’s leaked feature list reveals it to be a far more mid-range offering, however that’s not to say it isn’t interesting. Seguir leyendo “HTC Primo could bring Beats Audio and Android 4.0 to the masses”

Apple vs. Android: War Without End?


Apple’s attacks on Android have backfired. Should the company call a truce?

Steve Jobs’s hatreds are nearly as famous as his innovations: buttons, styluses, complicated remote controls. He loathed nothing more, however, than Google’s Android—a total rip-off, in his opinion, of Apple’s work. “I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong,” he vowed, according to Walter Isaacson’s recent, hefty biography. Armed with his company’s arsenal of patents, Jobs threatened “thermonuclear war.” He sued the three leading Android handset makers—HTC, Motorola, and Samsung—in countries all around the world, seeking to have their products banned.



Emmanuel Dunand / AFP-Getty Images
But nearly two years after the first salvos were fired, Apple’s war on Android has ac-complished almost nothing. And it’s starting to look as if Apple’s patent portfolio isn’t nearly as lethal as Jobs seemed to think.


Three of Apple’s claims against Motorola recently got tossed out by the International Trade Commission. Many of Apple’s claims against HTC and Samsung failed as well, and the two claims that were upheld were both easy to work around. Samsung simply widened the frame on its Galaxy Tab, and HTC removed a tiny software feature that lets you tap a phone number in an email and pull up a menu of options. Meanwhile, Android keeps growing and has become the top smartphone platform. Samsung has leap-frogged Apple to become the biggest smart-phone maker in the world. Seguir leyendo “Apple vs. Android: War Without End?”

Follow-up: AT&T Tilt2 leaked ROM update

A leaked ROM update for the AT&T Tilt2 surfaced the other day and we’ve had a few days to tinker with it. The ROM is based on the 21887 build of Windows Mobile 6.5 and runs HTC Sense 2.5. It also has an updated radio (

Compared to the original shipped ROM for the Tilt2, the updated ROM is noticeably more responsive. Sense 2.5 flows smoothly and apps are pulled up with little or no delay. ROM Chefs, such as NRGZ28, have already begun to incorporate parts of this build into their cooking. The ROM has potential but as is, still has a ways to go before it can be stamped “official” ROM. Seguir leyendo “Follow-up: AT&T Tilt2 leaked ROM update”

HTC phone featuring Windows Phone 7 finally appears, meets expectations. Sense coming eventually?

by Malatesta

We’ve been hearing about the code-names for awhile and now we finally get to see one. We’re of course talking about Windows Phone 7 on an HTC device and this one is reportedly for Verizon (and presumably Sprint).

Rocking some current-high end specs, the device features:

  • 3.7″ SLCD screen (Sony‘s ‘Super TFT LCD‘, nothing big)
  • 3 touch-sensitive lower buttons (similar to EVO)
  • 8MP camera (No dual flash, not even a single one!)
  • 1GHz Snapdragon
  • No HTC customizations in sight

Too early to tell if this will be a release device, what it’ll be called and where it fits in with HTC’s planned offerings (maybe this is an entry level device, not their flagship?)

Our take: it’s exactly what we’d expect from HTC and in that regard, it’s a bit underwhelming although we think it’ll get the job done admirably. Still, we’re sort of hoping for ‘an HTC EVO moment’ where we really go ‘wow‘ instead of ‘meh‘.

Are our standards and expectations too high? Yup, and we’re okay with that as Microsoft needs to wow us.  Your thoughts?  Is that Dell Lightning looking better yet? Seguir leyendo “HTC phone featuring Windows Phone 7 finally appears, meets expectations. Sense coming eventually?”