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Twitter AdvertisingWith the latest API ads being announced last week, there has been much talk about the potential it offers to businesses. The potential to offer more diverse and sophisticated ads to users is enticing and if it goes well, it will provide a major boost to Twitter’s finances as it increases revenue.

However, with all the commotion surrounding the API announcement, it’s easy to forget about what’s already there. It’s funny to think that Twitter’s promoted advertising has been around since 2010, yet for the most part, it’s been successful in getting messages out there without impinging upon the overall experience. Provided you have the right content and a general strategy, Twitter’s promoted advertisements can give your campaigns a welcome boost.

What Do You Want To Achieve?

There are three ways to advertise on Twitter and one is more suited to a particular role than others. The three ways to advertise are through Promoted Tweets, Accounts or Trends. If you’re a smaller business, the first two methods would be more suited to you. Promoted Tweets will select a specific tweet from your feed and places it in your target demographic’s news feed as well as search results. This method is suited if you’re creating engaging content, either through favourites, retweets and replies, and you want to increase its reach.

On the other hand, Promoted Accounts means your profile appears on the ‘Who to follow’ section as well as search results (usually the fourth or fifth entry down). If you want to increase the number of followers your page has, this is the type of advertising you want to select. You can track how much your follower count grows through Twitter’s analytics, showing you both organic followers and those who saw your Promoted Account.

Promoted Trends allows you to place your own hashtag or term in the trends list. This is best used if you’re running a Twitter campaign and participation is central to its success. Each of the three should be done to complement an overall strategy as unengaging content won’t magically become interesting if it’s put in front of a large audience.

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Manually Select Your Promoted Tweets

When you first start using Promoted Tweets, Twitter will set it up so that your most engaging tweet will be automatically selected as your Promoted Tweet. To an extent, this will work if you’re looking to just increase followers and engagement. However, it’s better to switch this to manual as soon as possible. The reason for this is that your most popular tweet mightn’t be relevant to your advertising aims, otherwise you could be left with a random tweet that does nothing for your brand message.Manually Select Tweets

Place Promoted Tweets At The Top Of Your Feed

We know what to expect when we visit a profile, but what some profiles don’t properly take advantage of is the fact that you can place Promoted Tweets onto the top of your page. This way, when people visit your profile, the first thing they will see in your feed is the tweet you want.

The only potential flaw behind this is that not everyone will be visiting your profile page (it doesn’t appear in the page preview), so this would require some experimentation on your part to see whether it’s worth it or not.

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Social Media is easy. But only in theory.

When you get down to the practical things Social Media requires, you realize that a lot of them take time, require some special skills or are simply too complex to bother. While blogging and social networks have now been around for years, the truth is that for a lot of people, using Social Media in a professional way is still anything but a no-brainer; whether your job consists of running a business, pitching new customers, fundraising for a cause, educating students or coaching clients, it usually takes a good 100% of your time, so how can you “do Social Media” on top of that?

The key to solve this includes working on smarter workflows. At, for instance, we realized that having a suggestion engine combined with a bookmarklet for 1-click publishing greatly helped our users. And by adding features like the connections to the social networks they wanted or the ability to rescoop one another’s content, we have taken – and continue to take – steps towards making the whole Social Media Publishing workflow much simpler.

HootSuite is another company that has worked extensively on this workflow problem. By combining monitoring and cross-posting, they’ve built one of the most popular Social Media platforms to date with millions of professional users.

We’re therefore thrilled to be partnering with HootSuite today and to introduce the App for HootSuite. From now on, HootSuite users can combine the powerful stream layout that enables them to monitor various sources of content at once with’s easy content curation capabilities.

This means more relevant content but also more visibility for this content when it’s published to your pages, whose topic-centric nature drives on average 3 clicks per visitor and greater discovery from Social and Search.

Scoopiteers who already leverage topic-centric content curation to develop their visibility online can now diversify their sources of content by using HootSuite to monitor various content streams, including the topics they follow on or some specific searches to closely monitor their interests.

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Facebook ya permite programar posts en los perfiles de empresa



Facebook acaba de presentar una serie de mejoras para sus Páginas corporativas que seguramente gustarán a la mayoría de los Community Managers encargados de gestionar los perfiles de las empresas para que trabajan.

Se trata de un surtido de herramientas de márketing que permitirán a cualquiera que tenga una página de empresa programar posts y realizar otras tareas sin tener que utilizar aplicaciones de terceros.

Como ha señalado el ingeniero Omid Saadati en un post publicado por la compañía, ahora estas tareas se podrán llevar a cabo desde la propia red social.

La principal de estas mejoras es la posibilidad de programar posts en las páginas corporativas sin tener que usar HootSuite o herramientas similares. Ahora el administrador del perfil corporativo podrá escribir un post y decidir cuándo quiere que este sea publicado. Además, si antes de la publicación quiere modificarlo o incluso eliminarlo, podrá hacerlo sin problema, eso sí, siempre que lo haga tres minutos antes de la publicación.

Otra herramienta más que interesante es la que permite, a partir de ahora, tener posts “invisibles” en la página corporativa.

Son posts que no se publican en la página pero que están ahí. Principalmente se pueden utilizar para posts patrocinados que se muestran únicamente a los usuarios que forman parte del público objetivo al que nos queremos dirigir. Además, se muestran como “post patrocinado”, identificado claramente, y no ‘incomoda’ al resto de usuarios.

Junto a estas dos mejoras, Facebook también ha lanzado la posibilidad de controlar exactamente qué permisos se le otorga a las aplicaciones de terceros que estamos utilizando para gestionar la página corporativa.


Hootsuite está de celebración: supera los cuatro millones de usuarios, infografía

Interesantes las cifras que ha hecho públicas Hootsuite. El popular cliente multiplataforma, del que hemos publicado por aquí algún tutorial, ha hecho públicas sus estadísticas, que no pueden ser más positivas: más de 4 millones de usuarios se han registrado y, en total, desde 2009 se han enviado más de 1.000 millones de mensajes a través de su aplicación.

Lo mejor de estos datos es que, como muestra la infografía que han preparado a tal efecto, el crecimiento cada vez es mayor. Hootsuite incluso está viendo cómo un gran porcentaje de usuarios (36%) se registran desde dispositivos móviles. Además, este crecimiento se está reflejando en sus cuentas Pro y de Empresa. Sin duda, los ejecutivos de la compañía tienen hoy razones para estar contentos.

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Check List para saber si armó bien su plan de Redes Sociales | Marketing News

Después de configurar tu Plan en Social Media y de trabajar sobre tu estrategia (atraer tráfico, convertir vistas en clientes, fidelización y prescripción) es el momento de confirmar que todo ha quedado suficientemente plasmado.

Para ello se debería responder afirmativamente a cada una de estas frases, si lo hacemos tendremos la base perfectamente asentada para que nuestra estrategia en Redes Sociales nos de los resultados esperados (acorde con los objetivos)

1. He identificado a las personas responsables que deben ser informadas sobre el proyecto Social Media que se va a llevar a cabo en la compañía. (Si en una compañía solo tu apuestas por Social Media, será difícil que lleguen resultados).

2. He establecido unos objetivos claros y medibles de lo que va a ser el proyecto. (Incrementar el tráfico de mi web, mejorar mis ingresos en un 5%, disminuir gastos, mejora atención al cliente, generar 5 leads/mes, etc.).

3. He detectado cuáles son las herramientas adecuadas para el seguimiento y monitorización.(Socialbro, Hootsuite, Radian6, Tweetdeck, Rankur, Alterian, Welovroi, etc. las tienes gratuitas y de pago, tu eliges según tus necesidades). Leer más “Check List para saber si armó bien su plan de Redes Sociales”

HootSuite adds Instagram, SlideShare and more to its App Directory

Less than ten days after Social media management dashboard HootSuite announced4m users, the Canadian company has revealed the latest additions to its App Directory, with Instagram and SlideShare among the new recruits. Document-focused app Edocr, and engagement app Zuum have also been added.

Launched in 2008, HootSuite is a platform that lets users manage multiple social networks through a single dashboard, and the Vancouver-based company has grown into a global social media brand used by individuals and companies alike. Earlier this year, we reported that HootSuite had released its Engagement API and reeled in the likes of Digg and Trendspottr to its App Directory.

With these new apps, HootSuite edges closer towards providing a single, solitary dashboard for its users to manage all their online communications.

HootInst 520x344 HootSuite adds Instagram, SlideShare and more to its App Directory

Instagram and SlideShare were among the top requested app integrations.With the Instagram inclusion, users can view and search Instagram photos, filter the stream to view key feeds (Home, Popular, My Photos, My Likes), view and add comments, ‘Like’ photos, and share photos to social networks. As for SlideShare, you’ll be able to view, upload and share SlideShare content. Leer más “HootSuite adds Instagram, SlideShare and more to its App Directory”

Radian6 v/s Alterian SM2 v/s HootSuite – Herramientas de Monitoreo y Gestión de Redes Sociales

Desde hace un tiempo, he estado analizando y probando algunas herramientas de monitoreo de Redes Sociales para mi trabajo diario. Entre las herramientas que he analizado están; Radian6, Alterian SM2 y HootSuite Enterprise Edition. Cabe señalar que no todas son comparables, ya que por ejemplo Hootsuite es una herramienta más enfocada en la gestión de comentarios, que en el monitoreo de redes sociales. Comenzaré dándoles un pequeño resumen de cada una de ellas…

Desde hace un tiempo, he estado analizando y probando algunas herramientas de monitoreo de Redes Sociales para mi trabajo diario. Entre las herramientas que he analizado están; Radian6, Alterian SM2 y HootSuite Enterprise Edition. Cabe señalar que no todas son comparables, ya que por ejemplo Hootsuite es una herramienta más enfocada en la gestión de comentarios, que en el monitoreo de redes sociales. Comenzaré dándoles un pequeño resumen de cada una de ellas… Leer más “Radian6 v/s Alterian SM2 v/s HootSuite – Herramientas de Monitoreo y Gestión de Redes Sociales”