Playboy lanza disco duro externo con contenido precargado

Si eres de aquellos que aún no sabes qué pedirle al Viejito Pascuero (Papá Noel, Santa Claus o San Nicolás), tal vez esta sea el regalo que siempre quisiste tener.

La compañía Playboy acaba de poner a la venta un disco duro externo cuya principal característica es traer precargado todo el material publicado por la revista hasta estos días (650 ediciones, más de 100.000 páginas).

El disco duro tienen una capacidad de 250 GB y posee unas dimensiones que ya se quisiera cualquier conejita: 5×3×5 pulgadas.

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What Can I Do with a Dead Hard Drive?

What Can I Do with a Dead Hard Drive?Dear Lifehacker,
I have a dead hard drive that is out of warranty. Is there anything I can do besides recycle it?

All My Drives are Down ‘n Dead

Photo by ArtMast.

Dear Down ‘n Dead,
You’re in luck. While your hard drive may be dead to its original function you can harvest parts from it for all sorts of fun and interesting DIY projects.

Before we delve into gutting your hard drive and repurposing its guts, let’s talk data security. While you didn’t specify what “dead hard drive” means, we’ll assume this means the disk is inoperable and any means of recovering the disk for use using software have failed. If the disk has truly sensitive data on it—data worth enough that someone would invest significant time and energy in recovering it—the only safe thing to do is to reference the Symphony of Destruction portion of our guide to properly erasing your physical media. If, on the other hand, the disk was mostly populated with your bootleg Bon Jovi concert rips, it’s ripe for all manner of DIY projects.

We’ve roughly ordered the following projects by the amount of effort and technical knowledge required to carry them out. At the start of the list you’ll need little more than basic tools and some patience. By the end of the list you’ll need to be comfortable with a soldering iron and working with electronics. Seguir leyendo “What Can I Do with a Dead Hard Drive?”