5 Things You Can Learn By Quitting Your Job

Usually when you work full-time, you tend not to plan further ahead than next year’s summer vacation. Hell, most people abhor the idea of making 10- or 20-year plans, since they inevitably involve huge life-decisions and possibly admitting that one is caught in a rut as deep as the Grand Canyon. But like it or not, having a general idea of where you’re going (as well as at least rough plans B and C in case things go wrong) not only gives you confidence about what you’re doing, but also forces you to think about your priorities and ambitions. Planning ahead is always a good idea, even if you do change plans every two weeks.
3. Forget about what people think
Straying from your expected career path can bring out some surprising reactions in your friends and family. Concern, support, jealousy, happiness, anger, enthusiasm and negativity come forth, often from the most unexpected sources. A complete stranger applauds what you’ve done, whereas your best friend turns into a depressing black hole of negativity. Don’t take this as a litmus test of friendships (although it may serve as one), but rather just realize that you shouldn’t worry about what others think. At the end of the day, you need to make career decisions that make you happy, everything else is just noise.




“Dear colleagues, after many rewarding years at CubicleSlave Inc, I have decided to move on…”

99,9% of corporate employees, at one time or another, think about leaving their jobs. Their dream may be to start a company, travel the world, write a novel, learn Japanese, meditate in an ashram, train for a marathon, study philosophy, lower their golf handicap, paint a masterpiece or star in a porno, but the first step is always the same: get the hell out of this job. My co-blogger and I felt much the same way about a year ago, and ended up leaving our consulting jobs to start our own company and blog, and in general to pursue a more balanced lifestyle. We now feel it’s our obligation to share what we’ve learned so far outside the cubicle…: Leer más “5 Things You Can Learn By Quitting Your Job”