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What is an Elevator Pitch? Is Your Elevator Pitch Ready?
Debbie Swanson | Freelance Marketing

When was the last time you’d heard that phrase? I hadn’t heard it in years, until a recent assignment for a magazine article led me to sit in on a local networking meeting. As I took my seat, the woman I was sitting next to drew me aside.
“After the general business, each person can stand up and give a 60 second elevator pitch,” she whispered.
I hoped my confident smile hid my panic. The last time I’d even thought about an elevator pitch was back in college. As I listened to the other members, I felt some relief. Some speeches were smart and polished, like the business designer who opened with “Is your brand in black and white? I can provide the color..” but others were completely informal “I’m laid off, I’ve been cleaning out the attic…”

By the time it was my turn I had worked out something better than the attic cleaner’s speech but not as good as the polished designer’s. Happy to have gotten past that, I was left with a nagging sense of unfinished business. I realized that when friends or acquaintances ask me what I do for a living, I don’t take the opportunity to boost my business. I decided to take my ‘elevator pitch’ more seriously.

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The Marketer’s Guide to Tumblr

If not, then here are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

Why do you want to create a Tumblr blog? Just because everyone else is isn’t a good answer. Do you want to build awareness to your brand? Another blog? Do you want to create revenue? Do you want to educate customers? Or improve customer service relations? Your answers will help you create a sustainably successful Tumblr blog.
Who will run the Tumblr blog? Just like running a blog for a small business, you can get a several people throughout your company to use it. But it’s very important that you assign someone to be responsible for it. And if you hire outside help, make sure you establish understood expectations…like who posts, responds to comments, builds a following, engages the Tumblr blogosphere and shares on social media.
Who is your audience? Are you trying to reach a different segment of the market with your Tumblr? It will totally pay off if you take the time to figure out who your audience is and what makes them tick. You can use these marketing research tricks to help you.
What will be the focus behind your Tumblr blog? I’ll go into greater detail below to help you determine your focus.
What are your weaknesses and strengths? Have you been able to adopt other social media strategies successfully…or have they all been a flop? Where your past efforts have failed, you may want to consider hiring someone who is strong in your weaknesses.
Are you truly committed to this effort? Probably one of the most important questions you have to ask yourself when it comes to running a Tumblr blog is this: can you keep this up long term? As anyone who has been in the social media field can tell you…a long-term commitment is critical to success.

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the last year, you more than likely have heard about the micro-blogging platform called Tumblr.

The reason you’ve heard of it is simply because of its staggering rise to stardom. By November 2011,Tumblr had grown by 900% in less than a year…passing up its competitor WordPress.

If you haven’t by now, you need to be looking at how to effectively add Tumblr to your marketing efforts. This guide will show you where to start, how to grow your efforts and even how to monetize your Tumblr.

Let’s get started.

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