Google Talk vía SMS en Personal

Todos sabemos que Google Talk puede comunicarse con cualquier servidor Jabber, lo que no sabía es que Personal había habilitado un server para poder usar Google Talk con SMS en 4 clics. A ver, no es tan en 4 clics porque hay que registrarse, ingresar el número, confirmar la titularidad del teléfono y luego agendar un número para asociarlo a tus contactos de GTalk. Seguir leyendo “Google Talk vía SMS en Personal”

Finding a Niche as a Freelancer

Freelancing can be one of the most rewarding career paths in this technology-dependent age we live in. Earning your own money based on your own sweat and hours laboriously poured into your work – there’s just no better feeling!

What many beginners get caught up in are the details of their enterprise. Freelancing is a very general term and there are so many routes to take. You may ask yourself, how do I find a niche that’s right for me? How do I know what skills I will excel at?

Locating your Inner Passions

The most popular career path among freelancers is web design. It’s a skill that doesn’t take too much effort to learn and can be picked up in just a few short weeks of intense study. The pay isn’t too bad (if you know where to look) and the work can be very entertaining. Plus there’s always new things to learn and it’s an ever-changing industry.

However, this isn’t your only choice. There are many web developers/programmers and even writers who work freelance. You shouldn’t box yourself into the “norm” of the freelancing community – review what skills you have and can perform, then look for your market.

Another interesting career path may be into freelance Internet marketing. It’s a job which can be done from home or any place with an Internet connection, and once you know how to market articles and bring in traffic to blogs you’re practically a hot commodity!

Marketing Yourself and your Skills… Seguir leyendo “Finding a Niche as a Freelancer”

CrossTalk IM client for Windows Phone 7: coming soon

by Malatesta

The need for a good, robust IM client for Windows Phone 7 will be one of the first things consumers look for when launching that Marketplace.

If all goes to plan, Blue Planet Apps will have their ‘CrossTalk’ IM client ready to go by the time WP7 launches.

CrossTalk‘, available soon for Android and Blackberry, supports GoogleTalk, AIM, MSN, Facebook and even Blackberry Messenger (BBM). That last one is pretty huge in our book and could go a long way to woo Crackberry addicts from their devices. Talk to any Blackberry user and they’ll tell you BBM is one of the reasons why they stay with the aging platform. Seguir leyendo “CrossTalk IM client for Windows Phone 7: coming soon”

When You Need to Send Someone an Important File Really Fast..

send files fast When you need to send an important file to a contact, you can either send it as an email attachment or, if the file size is too big for an email message, you can upload it to any of the file hosting services and share the download link with your contact over email.

IM software like Skype, Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger also let you to easily transfer files from one computer to another without imposing any restrictions on file size or the file type. This is generally quicker than sending files over email but the only downside is that both parties should be running the IM client in order or send or receive files. Seguir leyendo “When You Need to Send Someone an Important File Really Fast..”

Maxim Leverages Meebo Bar To Help Readers Share Photos of Women… and Whatever Else Is At Maxim

Posted by Neil Glassman

Meebo LogoNext time a visitor to decides it’s time to belly up to the bar, it might be the Meebo Bar. The two companies announced that has joined the more than 7,000 sites currently running the Meebo Bar, providing its visitors with a way to discover, share, and chat about Maxim content with their friends through various social networks.

The Meebo Bar is designed to help web publishers of all types and sizes make their sites more social and offers the sites an additional advertising platform. Users can connect with their friends/buddies/etc across a wide range of social media networks. Seguir leyendo “Maxim Leverages Meebo Bar To Help Readers Share Photos of Women… and Whatever Else Is At Maxim”

The Future of the Internet

“In only a few short years, electronic computing systems have been invented and improved at a tremendous rate. But computers did not ‘just grow.’ They have evolved… They were born and they are being improved as a consequence of man’s ingenuity, his imagination… and his mathematics.” — 1958 IBM brochure

The Internet is a medium that is evolving at breakneck speed. It’s a wild organism of sweeping cultural change — one that leaves the carcasses of dead media forms in its sizeable wake. It’s transformative: it has transformed the vast globe into a ‘global village’ and it has drawn human communication away from print-based media and into a post-Gutenberg digital era. Right now, its perils are equal to its potential. The debate over ‘net neutrality’ is at a fever pitch. There is a tug-of-war going on between an ‘open web’ and a more governed form of the web (like the Apple-approved apps on the iPad/iPhone) that has more security but less freedom. Seguir leyendo “The Future of the Internet”