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Google Contacts on a World Map

If you have been using Google Contacts (or any other address book*) to store the postal addresses of your friends and colleagues, you can easily create an online Google Map with all these address or even view them inside Google Earth. Here are the steps: Leer más “See all your Google Contacts on a Google Map |”

Google Maps Journey Planner Now Factors In Real Time Traffic

Accessing it is just a matter of bringing up the directions feature on Google Maps, this time when you enter in your locations, alongside the estimated time it takes to travel from point A to B, there will be an estimate underneath it that factors in current traffic conditions. The information offered is regularly updated so that you can adjust your travel plans in due course.

The idea is that through this feature, you can estimate how long it will take to travel using different modes of transport and find the quickest method. So comparing driving to public transport or cycling may show that the latter option is the fastest if faced with current traffic conditions.

Google say that it’s available in specific areas for now, mainly in U.S. cities, but like all Google products, it’s only a matter of time before the service is expanded to other countries.

Google Maps already has a feature which shows you exactly how good/bad traffic is in a particular area, but now they’ve added a new feature which highlights just how long it will take you to reach your destination by factoring in both live and historical traffic data. Leer más “Google Maps Journey Planner Now Factors In Real Time Traffic”

Foursquare ditches Google Maps for MapBox and OpenStreetMaps

Design flexibility, continuous updates and an ability to help support the open-source movement are further reasons that Foursquare provides for the change.

Unfortunately, for some users, this decision isn’t a good one. As noted by one of the commenters on Foursquare’s blog post, OpenStreetMaps don’t have the breadth of coverage that Google Maps do. But, given the open nature of the project, its assumed (and hoped) that areas will be mapped quickly and accurately to make up for any gaps.

We’ll have to see how the move pans out, but hopefully the amount of negatively-affected users won’t be too high. I have to applaud Foursquare on the initiative, but simply hope that it works out for the best.

Screen Shot 2012-02-29 at 4.29.30 PM

An interesting move from Foursquare, and one that the company says it has done because of a desire to support the startup ecosystem. In a blog post, the company explains that it has done away with using the Google Maps API in favor of OpenStreetMaps, given a face via MapBox.

“When we initially began looking around for other map providers, we found some incredibly strong alternatives. And while the new Google Maps API pricing was the reason we initially started looking into other solutions, we ultimately ended up switching because, after all our research and testing, OpenStreetMap and MapBox was simply the best fit for us.”

MapBox, according to Foursquare, is “making gorgeous maps with the OpenStreetMap data”. Its MapBox Streets product was just released, so the timing was good too. So now, when you’re looking at maps in Foursquare, they’re going to be a bit different:

mapbox Foursquare ditches Google Maps for MapBox and OpenStreetMaps Leer más “Foursquare ditches Google Maps for MapBox and OpenStreetMaps”

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