Buzrr.com: Add a Google Buzz Counter To WordPress

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Google Buzz is the next big thing in the social media. If you remember, a lot of people disregarded Twitter in its early days. Those who jumped on the bandwagon from the very start managed to build a large following while those who gave up on the service early found out soon enough what they had missed out too. The jury is still out on Google Buzz, but you certainly don’t want to ignore the community. It has some potential, and it never hurts to distribute your content on as many social networking sites as possible.

The best way to get your readers to submit your posts to Google Buzz is by adding a Google Buzz button to your blog. You can always do that by grabbing scripts from social media tracking websites. Another way to do that is by taking advantage of Google Buzz WordPress plugins.

If you find adding a Buzz plugin to your blog inconvenient, you should give Buzrr.com a try. Buzrr Button is a cool little script that puts a Google Buzz counter on your WordPress blog. Every time someone posts your story to Google, your “buzzed” count goes up by one. Of course, the more buzzes you get, the more traffic you get in return.

Installing Buzrr button on your blog couldn’t be any easier. The code is provided to you on Buzrr.com, so all you have to do is grab it and install it in your code.

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5 Google Buzz Tips for the Advanced User

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Yesterday, after spending some time with Google‘s latest social networking service, Google Buzz, we posted a handful of buzz tips and tricks for those wanting to better manage the buzz, play with its APIs or banish it altogether from their Gmail inbox.

Today, we’ve come across more even more tips for working with Buzz, including how to add Buzz extensions to your web browser, new ways to subscribe to others’ Buzz, and even ways to update Buzz via email. If you’re becoming a regular Buzz user, then you’ll want to read through this latest collection of tips to take your Buzz skills up another notch. Leer más “5 Google Buzz Tips for the Advanced User”

Google Buzz Won’t Last


Yesterday, Google got us all excited again over their new product release – The Google Buzz. No, it’s not another Google Wave. Buzz is Google’s approach to the social networking market. It is more of an extension for existing Gmail users. Leer más “Google Buzz Won’t Last”


What’s it About? …And Should We Care?

Welcome to Google Buzz, which, at less than 24 hours old, is now the hottest hype in social media today. In an article aptly titled “If Google Wave is the Future, Google Buzz is the Present,” TechCrunch swaddles the Buzz in a warm cozy nutshell:

Imagine taking elements of Twitter, Yammer, Foursquare, Yelp, and other social services, and shoving them together into one package. Now imagine covering that package in a layer that looks a lot like FriendFeed. Now imagine shoving that package inside of Gmail. That’s Buzz.Leer más “DISTILLING THE BUZZ ON GOOGLE BUZZ”