What do Kate Moss, Richard Branson and Blackadder have in common?

What Can Brands Learn From Celebrities?

by jeremywaite

Of all the supermodels, this month’s Vogue cover girl Kate Moss is my favourite. Apart from her effortless style and beauty, I love the way that she has been in the spot light for over 22 years and is still as relevant as ever.  Her ‘brand’  has grown every year, despite the many scandals that beset her rock’n’roll lifestyle and she is now worth over £40m, according to the 2009 Times Rich List.

But what I like best about her is her resilience.  22 years modeling at the highest level takes a HUGE amount of discipline and I love her ability to keep pushing forward creatively with her one asset. Her looks.  She knows what she is good at.  (She hasn’t tried to release a single or launch a range of cup cakes!) And when she had all her problems with drugs and Pete Doherty, she bounced back bigger than ever, even though the media had written her off.  (Something that Tiger Woods and the 2010 class of tarnished of celebrities could learn a lot from).

The way that she handles her image and sticks to her strengths reminded me of the fabulous book ‘The Hedgehog and the Fox’ by Isaiah Berlin. It was famously turned into the Hedgehog Concept by Jim Collins in Good to Great and was the basis for the brilliant Wile E. Coyote story lines.

Written in 1953, The Hedgehog and the Fox highlights the main difference between single-minded success stories like Kate Moss and the many others that we quickly forget. Despite what Garth and Wayne think, Kate Moss is not a fox! You really want to be a hedgehog… Leer más “What do Kate Moss, Richard Branson and Blackadder have in common?”


A New Kind of New Year’s Resolution: Saying No

by Jocelyn K. Glei
If you’re anything like me, your list of New Year’s resolutions reads like a sort of global to-do list. We resolve to change our diets, exercise more, travel to new places, finish a big creative project. We resolve to be better by doing more.

Yet, focusing our energies – and goals – on what we should NOT be doing in the coming year can have just as positive an effect on our productivity, not to mention well-being. As bestselling author Curtis Sittenfeld has noted, “Politely saying no can free up astonishing amounts of time.”If you are feeling overwhelmed, information overloaded, or just plain off-track, I would implore you to be more disciplined about what you are taking on in 2010, and why. Increased efficiency is not the only solution to feeling overwhelmed. Saying no – and closely guarding your focus – must also be part of the productivity equation. Leer más “A New Kind of New Year’s Resolution: Saying No”