Sparrow for Mac Simplifies Gmail for the Better

Jennifer Van Grove
Jennifer Van Grove

Name: Sparrow

Quick Pitch: Sparrow is a minimalist mail application for Mac. It was designed to keep things simple and efficient. No fancy stuff here — just your mail and nothing else.

Genius Idea: E-mail has become such a large part of our lives that everyone from Google (Google) to individual developers are looking to build the best solution for faster, better e-mail management. Yet all of the bright new features sometimes make our e-mail inboxes more complex (and sometimes slower) than ever. But not Sparrow.

The free Mac desktop client for Gmail (Gmail) approaches e-mail with Tweetie (tweetie)-like finesse and simplicity. If anything, Sparrow feels like a mobile e-mail client optimized for your desktop, which means it eliminates the chaff to focus on the wheat: exchanging e-mail. Seguir leyendo “Sparrow for Mac Simplifies Gmail for the Better”

5 Plugins for Outlook Users with Gmail Envy

The announcement of Google‘s Gmail Priority Inbox likely made more than a few enterprise knowledge workers stuck with Microsoft Outlook and drowning in e-mail quite envious of Gmail. That is, if they weren’t envious already. Marshall also took a look at a few plugins and services that are turning e-mail into a platform, including the incredible Rapportive.

Lucky for Outlook users, there are actually several plugins to extend Outlook’s functionality and ease that Gmail envy. E-mail addons have been heating up for a while now. Here are five plugins you should check out, whether you have Gmail envy or not. Seguir leyendo “5 Plugins for Outlook Users with Gmail Envy”

Gmail Now Lets You Save Attachments to the Desktop via Drag-and-Drop

Saving dozens of e-mail file attachments to your computer just became a hell of a lot easier.

Google (Google) has added a new feature to Gmail (Gmail): the ability to save file attachments by simply dragging-and-dropping them onto the desktop. If you hover over the file icon or the “Download” link for any attachment, you’ll notice the new text prompting you to drag the file to your desktop to save.

We just tried out the new feature, and we have to tell you: it’s really as simple as it sounds. There is one caveat to saving file attachments via drag-and-drop, though: the feature is only available in Google Chrome (Google Chrome). Seguir leyendo “Gmail Now Lets You Save Attachments to the Desktop via Drag-and-Drop”

Create HTML Signatures Right Inside Gmail

This tip describes how you can create sleek and professional looking HTML signatures for your outgoing Gmail messages right inside Gmail itself without requiring any extensions or add-ons.

HTML Signatures in Gmail

HTML Signatures for your Google Email

Gmail does support email signatures but the problem is that it limits you to plain text – you can’t add graphics (like your company’s logo) to the signature and there’s absolutely no support for HTML so you can’t use different font styles or colors for the signature text. Seguir leyendo “Create HTML Signatures Right Inside Gmail”

Google Maps Navigation Introduced In UK, Ireland

Google spreads driving aid for Android devices

People who – deep breath – live in the UK or Ireland, don’t like to get lost, can tolerate beta software, and own a new-ish Android phone are in luck.  An unfinished version of Google Maps Navigation has been made available in the UK and Ireland for Android devices 1.6 and higher.

Google’s idea here is to simplify the task of driving around.  A post on the Google Mobile Blog explained, “Like other satnav devices, Navigation includes 3D views, turn-by-turn voice guidance, and automatic rerouting.  But because Google Maps Navigation is connected to the Internet, it also features powerful functionality you can’t get from other satnav services, including the most up to date map, business, and traffic data, access to satellite and street views, and of course, search.”

And Google Maps Navigation offers voice search, too, perhaps making the tool safer to use than some alternatives.

Of course, this rollout isn’t exactly huge.  However, the release of something in the UK has often represented the start of a domino effect, with Google offering it in several other countries soon after.

We’ll see what happens.  At any rate, there’s at least a certain segment of the population that should appreciate this development, and Google’s shown it remains interested in the mobile market.


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Google To Show Bazaarvoice Reviews In Search Results

Bazaarvoice product reviews coming to Google

Social commerce applications provider Bazaarvoice has partnered with Google to share product reviews in Google searches and advertisements.

Retailers and manufacturers using Bazaarvoice can use their product review content to drive more traffic from Google as well as provide brand exposure to shoppers.

Consumers will be able to access opinions from other customers as they research and complete purchases, adding more relevance to the process. Google says the program will feature full-length product reviews and user ratings from retailers and manufacturers to help with the shopping experience.
“In the past four years, there has been a tremendous change in consumer shopping behavior as people increasingly rely on information from their friends and peers to make purchase decisions,” said Brett Hurt, founder and CEO of Bazaarvoice.

“Our clients’ innovative use of the voice of the customer has helped Bazaarvoice become one of the fastest growing technology companies today. Now, Google is affirming the power of social commerce with this partnership to integrate Bazaarvoice reviews content into – the heart of its business – as well as throughout product search and advertising vehicles. It is a big honor to be Google’s partner in this industry first, and this will be transformational for our retail clients and their suppliers.”

On Google Product Search, Google will feature a brands logo beside reviews from the brands website with the goal of increasing both exposure and conversions.

Some of Bazaarvoice’s clients include Best Buy, Costco, Dell, Macy’s, Proctor & Gamble and QVC.

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Backup your Gmail Inbox Online

gmail logoIf you want to backup your emails from Gmail to the local computer, enable POP3 access in your Gmail settings and then use a desktop mail client to download a copy of all your messages from the Google cloud to the local disk. That’s easy!

Windows Live Mail, Outlook and Thunderbird are some nice email clients that can automatically and easily bring your entire archive of Gmail messages offline.

Why you should backup Gmail to the cloud?

If you are not a huge fan of desktop applications or if you think that setting up a Gmail backup plan involves way too much effort, you can consider creating a backup of your Gmail account in the cloud itself. Before we get into the details, here are three situations where an online backup of Gmail messages will come handy:

Reason #1 – If your main Gmail account gets hacked (it happened to me), you will still have access to all your previous emails.

Reason #2 – If you delete an important email from your Gmail Inbox by mistake, you can easily retrieve it from the online backup. Google Apps Premier has Postini to restore deleted emails, here you’re getting that facility for free.

Reason #3 – If the Gmail service goes down (yes, it happens), you will still be able to read your older emails. Gmail outage won’t affect work.

Backup your Gmail Messages Online

There are three services that can help you automatically backup your Gmail (and Google Apps) email accounts online and luckily, they won’t cost you anything.

gmail mail fetcher

The first and most obvious choice is Gmail. Create a new Gmail account and under Settings –> Accounts and Import –> Check mail using POP3 –> Add POP3 email account, enter the email address of your main Gmail account that you want to backup.

Within an hour or so, the online mail fetcher program will pull messages from… Seguir leyendo “Backup your Gmail Inbox Online”