UPS Infographic of the Day: The Evolution of the UPS Truck

United Parcel Service logo (2003-present)

In UPS’s early days as a messenger service in Seattle (1907–1912), most deliveries were made on foot and bicycles were used for longer trips. It wasn’t until 1913 that the company acquired a Ford® Model T as its first package car––a move that reflected a shift in focus from messages to packages and began the evolution of the iconic UPS truck.

Increased demand, a need for efficiency, and an undeniable love of logistics were at the heart of three major moments in the lifeline of the UPS truck: the introduction of feeder trucks (1934) to move large lots of packages between cities in southern California, the addition of double trailers (1956) to keep pace with order volume, and the purchase of Overnite Corporation® (2005) to add operational hubs and expand the company’s Freight fleet. Seguir leyendo “UPS Infographic of the Day: The Evolution of the UPS Truck”

Infographic of the Day: To Fly Green, Choose the Right Airline

The airlines vary tremendously, and flying green(er) might be a simple matter of choosing wisely.

An airplane is an airplane, and all airlines are roughly equal in spewing carbon-dioxide into the stratosphere, right? Wrong: The most fuel efficient airlines can be 25% more fuel efficient than their most inefficient peers, as this superb infographic by GOOD shows:

[Click for full-size version]

What’s really interesting about the chart is that it shows that not all airlines are making an equal effort at fuel efficiency–for example, AirTran and Air Alaska appear to have increased their efficiency by 53% and 33% since 2000. Seguir leyendo “Infographic of the Day: To Fly Green, Choose the Right Airline”

Toyota running Facebook contest to find most passionate Prius owner

Toyota is running a contest on Facebook to find “the most passionate fan” of the Toyota Prius. The winner – and the winner’s hometown – will be the US host for the Prius’ 10th anniversary celebration, which will take place on October 10 this year (i.e. 10/10/10)

On the Prius Facebook Page, Toyota asks:

“Are you a fuel-efficient hyper-miler, an eco-warrior or tech-savvy gadget guru? Do you volunteer in your community? Toyota wants to hear from you! Submit a video or several photos demonstrating your Prius passion…”

The submission period last until August 13, after which Toyota will select ten finalists, which will then be voted on by “user” from August 18 – 27 (it’s unclear if this voting will be exclusively on or if Toyota will feature the voting in other places – we’ve emailed Toyota for comment). Seguir leyendo “Toyota running Facebook contest to find most passionate Prius owner”