Is Google Working With Verizon to Upend Net Neutrality?

It sounds unlikely, but sources close to Google and Verizon have said that the two companies are working together on a deal that would help Verizon charge some Internet content providers more than others in exchange for priority data transfer speeds.

Such an agreement would fly in the face of net neutrality, a philosophy of web content previously promoted by Google.

The news comes from The New York Times, which cites “people close to the negotiations who were not authorized to speak publicly.” The two tech giants will reportedly make the deal “as soon as next week.”

Consumer advocacy groups and many content creators have argued in favor of net neutrality, which would ensure that the consumer’s ability to access certain pieces of web content would not be tiered based on expense like premium channels on cable television, or first-class and coach seating on airlines. Seguir leyendo “Is Google Working With Verizon to Upend Net Neutrality?”