10 Shocking Facts About Our World

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When you write about money and the environment for a living, you’re constantly bombarded by related facts, figures and other interesting stuff. It seems like a day doesn’t pass without someone emailing me a press release about how much CO2 is released via cow flatulence every year, or how much money you could save by heating your home with cow chips. Come to think of it, maybe I’m just on some type of All Bovine News list serve.

Last year I decided to keep track of some of the most interesting eco-facts (as in ecological as well as economical) I ran across, and start a new annual tradition: The Green Cheapskate’s Top 10 Shocking Eco Stats of the Year. Here goes: Seguir leyendo “10 Shocking Facts About Our World”

Guest post: Can a startup think global without boarding a plane?

This is a guest post by Richard Leyland, an entrepreneur and writer with a particular focus on the future of work. Richard is also the founder of WorkSnug, the location-based service for mobile workers.

Last year I founded a tech company in the augmented reality space. We’re doing pretty well. What began as me, an idea and a laptop is now a company with five people, plus a small army of freelancers and contractors. From roots in London we’ve now launched in sixteen cities across nine countries and two continents. We can reasonably claim to be global.

But we don’t fly. More than that, our founding principles make a public commitment that we won’t fly in the course of our business. Seguir leyendo “Guest post: Can a startup think global without boarding a plane?”