Your Checklist For Running Facebook/Twitter Contests

by Jennifer Dancy


Social media is a great tool that allows you to interact and engage with your customer bases. Even better, using platforms like Facebook and Twitter to run contests or promotions is a highly effective way to establish your brand, reward your customers, generate sales, and build an ongoing relationship with your larger network. This means that if you’re not running contests already (or not running them correctly), you may get left behind.

Why You Should Run Contests

If you have been thinking about running a contest or promotion but haven’t done one yet, now is the time. Since Facebook and Twitter are the most socially used media platforms, we would recommend starting there. Facebook has 845 million monthly active users, and Twitter has over 100 million. But more specifically, Facebook reaches about 44 percent of all Internet users on a daily basis and Twitter reaches about 8.6 percent of all Internet users daily, according to web analytics company What does this mean for you? That means you have the attention of a lot of people, each and every day. By using social media to send out promotions, you not only get to interact in a meaningful way (by offering them something they want and encouraging participation), you will likely gain new fans — it’s the best of both worlds. Seguir leyendo “Your Checklist For Running Facebook/Twitter Contests”

How To Monetize Your Blog

By Dan Martell


Okay, so you’ve got a thriving blog and have gone through the steps to earn a sizable readership. This is commendable – many blogs never move past a writer’s immediate friends and family. However, as much as you may love posting about your subject matter, keeping a large audience of readers happy with fresh content is no small task, and you may begin to feel like you simply don’t have time unless your blog would somehow start making money.

Generating revenue from your blog is not a mystical, secret skill that only a privileged few are blessed with the knowledge of. In fact, having a loyal group of readers who consistently enjoy the information you share is half the battle. If you are serious about turning your blog into a cash-generating machine, there are many possible routes you might take, the most popular of which are discussed below. Seguir leyendo “How To Monetize Your Blog”

SnapABug and Flowtown Sitting In A Tree…


We’re really excited to see SnapABug’s Flowtown integration go live today.

Imagine This

  1. A visitor hits your website
  2. You start a SnapABug chat with them
  3. You instantly see the visitors name, occupation and influence score (Klout)
  4. That visitor gets imported into your Flowtown account as a lead
  5. Flowtown follows them on Twitter from your Twitter account
  6. Your 30 day follow-up Flowtown campaign starts
  7. Whoa. Seguir leyendo “SnapABug and Flowtown Sitting In A Tree…”

How Important Have Apps Become?

By Ethan Bloch |  //

It goes without saying that as more and more people transition to smartphones, the app industry will only get hotter. Pew’s recent report on mobile apps provided us with a wealth of information on the subject, including use demographics, most popular apps, frequency of use, and cost/number of downloads. These numbers make it clear that apps are becoming an increasingly important part of our every day lives.

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How Social Engagement is Changing

There certainly is a lot of commentary regarding the usefulness of social media marketing, as well as the numbers of people that are engaging in the conversation. According to recent studies conducted by PostRank, we have been able to illustrate what is happening in the Internet’s social community — how people are communicating, what is changing, and where people are doing the talking.

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The History of Marketing

Have you ever wondered how modern marketing practices came to be? Well, so did we. After doing some research, we thought it best to tell the story through the use of this visual aid.

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The Hierarchy of Internet Needs

By Ethan Bloch

Everyone has heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs, but do the famed psychologist’s theories hold for online life? Well, just as Maslow studied Einstein and Douglass to determine the motivations and curiosities of human, one too can study social networks to determine what drives online users to the act the ways they do.

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