American Airlines equipará con un Galaxy Note a sus asistentes de vuelo


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Los Galaxy Note servirán a los asistentes de vuelo de American Airlines para digitalizar información de interés sobre los vuelos que atienden y por tanto, optimizar el servicio de asistencia al pasajero.

Información de los clientes, la comida que servirán, las preferencias de bebidas para pasajeros VIP, identificación de pasajeros con necesidades especiales, y datos meteorológicos, serán algunos de los contenidos que los 17.000 asistentes de vuelo de la aerolínea consultarán en sus Galaxy Note, cuyas características vimos en detalle en uncompleto W Labs de Jonathan.

Ya sabemos que American Airlines está procurando aprovechar las bondades de la tecnología para mejorar la experiencia de sus pasajeros, pues como recordarás, hace un tiempo por aquí reseñamos que prestarían Galaxy Tabs 10.1 a los viajeros de primera clase para que se entretengan durante el vuelo.

Según explican en The Verge, American Airlines comenzó a probar distintos dispositivos hace un par de meses, hasta que finalmente optó por Samsung Galaxy Note de 5.3 pulgadas por su “diseño delgado y portátil” que facilita el manejo de los datos que consultan sus asistentes de vuelo, y aquí explican (en inglés) sus razones: Leer más “American Airlines equipará con un Galaxy Note a sus asistentes de vuelo”

The Lessons of ‘Losing It’

The focus is on the unending, pervasive stress that many people feel in their daily lives—not only consumers, but the long chain of employees who serve their needs. JetBlue probably took a bit of a PR hit for Slater’s behavior, but generally it has been one of the more successful airlines in recent years because of its unique brand and consistent delivery on its customers’ expectations. But even JetBlue is not immune to today’s stressed environment, which promotes simmering impatience, frustration, anger and dissatisfaction—and causes the kind of outbursts all of us have witnessed in airports, as well as in restaurants, shops and public arenas.

Times are tough and people are not afraid to show it—not only through outward emotional displays, but also by quickly dismissing and abandoning brands they’ve been loyal to for decades.

From the perspective of marketers who are trying to get this economy moving again through consumption, there are a few important or, at least, symbolic, lessons that can be learned from the Slater affair.

There has never before been a time when marketers have labored so hard to connect with an audience that is so wired to their jobs, over-scheduled, overworked, fatigued and concerned about their economic futures as well as those of their families and colleagues. “Distracted and distraught” is a phrase used frequently to describe consumers who are more discerning than ever in their choices.

By Frances Allen, evp, CMO at Denny’s

JetBlue flight attendant Steve Slater’s career-ending slide down the air chute in early August generated an extraordinary amount of media attention for what was essentially a bad day at work and an uncivil outburst over the public address system. A month later, thanks to the significant attention still echoing throughout media, commentators and the blogosphere, Slater has been referred to as everything from a workingman’s hero to a tragic symbol of a burned-out service economy.

Slater’s fancy dive could be symptomatic of an overworked, tired employee, career burnout, the decline of civility in air travel or simply the aspirations of a flight attendant to leave his profession to pursue a career in action movies. But the media’s fascination with Slater and his reaction to customers on JetBlue Flight 1052 does point to a broader “spirit of the times” that has caused much reflection these days on what travelers and other consumers seem to be feeling. Leer más “The Lessons of ‘Losing It’”