Wendy’s Introduces “Natural” French Fries

BY Ariel Schwartz

French fries

French fries are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about “natural” foods. But that isn’t stopping Wendy’s from testing out its so-called Natural Fries in select markets throughout Florida, North Carolina, and Louisiana. The fries are pretty bare bones–just skin-on strips of potato slathered in oils and sea salt. Regular Wendy’s fries contain table salt, oil, and sodium acid pyrophosphate (to protect color).

So far, customer reviews have been positive. Wendy’s executives are also excited about the new fries. Food blogger Rick Allen explains:

But at least one local Wendy’s manager is thrilled with the new fries, too. Larry Romanik, who runs the Wendy’s at 3001 E. Silver Springs Blvd., says in the three weeks they’ve been available, “They’ve been getting overwhelmingly rave reviews. I think we’ve had only one negative so far.” Seguir leyendo “Wendy’s Introduces “Natural” French Fries”

Become an Arby’s mascot with chain’s Juniorize Me online app

By Elena Malykhina


To promote its new Jr. Deluxe value-menu sandwich, Arby’s has launched its first online application that allows consumers to morph themselves into the fast-food chain‘s 3-D animated Junior character. The Juniorize Me app uses imaging technology that transforms a photo once it’s been uploaded. Users can add an audio message to the character—either a male or female voice—and share it with friends on social nets, blogs or via e-mail. Seguir leyendo “Become an Arby’s mascot with chain’s Juniorize Me online app”

Free Cooking Apps That You Can Download On iPhone Today

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Image via CrunchBase

You find yourself in your apartment, hungry. You had pizza the previous night and do not want to order any fast food. You want to treat your taste buds with something out of the ordinary and delicious.

Smartphones like the iPhone can  help you out in such situations. If you want to find a new place to eat, then Urbanspoon will be greatly helpful. But if you want to enjoy the fruit of your labor and cook something yourself, then a number of iPhone applications can be used to obtain a unique and tasty recipe.

The next time you want to cook for yourself or to impress a date you have invited over, load up these applications to prepare something scrumptious. Seguir leyendo “Free Cooking Apps That You Can Download On iPhone Today”

Burger King Taps Coke Exec as Global CMO

– Elena Malykhina
Burger King has tapped former Coca-Cola executive Natalia Franco as its evp and global CMO.

Franco, who previously served as vp-global marketing and innovation for Coca-Cola, will oversee the fast-food chain’s product innovation, consumer insights and worldwide brand advertising, the company said in a written statement. She will report to Burger King’s chairman and CEO, John W. Chidsey.
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Not that we ever tire of covering the most lavishly integrated campaigns spread across multiple touch points here at Contagious, it’s just that sometimes, it’s nice to be dealt an unbranded distraction – especially at 3pm on a Friday afternoon. It was with disproportionate glee, therefore, that we began playing with bigassmessage.com – a glorious waste of time that could best be described as the Ronseal Quick Drying Woodstain of viral websites… (non UK-readers see link below for reference). Seguir leyendo “Bigassmessage.com”