Ten Tips To Choose The Right Color Palette For Your Designs

1. Know the project and the client

You should keep in mind to choose colors that are suitable for your project. In addition to the colors given by your client, you have to make a great palette by adding other shades and tones. Different color combinations have different meanings. For example, green and red for Christmas and blue and red for patriotism.

2. Color theory review

Reviewing color basics is must before choosing and creating a palette. You can find various color schemes on the color wheel such as analogous, monochromatic, triadic, complementary, double-complementary, and split-complementary. Traditional color schemes can help you in determining the right color combination.

3. Try out custom color schemes

You can customize by making your own color palette from the traditional scheme where you needn’t follow the formal rules. Chroma, value, and saturation of colors are important.

4. As basis, use monochromatic color scheme


Color plays an important role for designers. If there is no element of colors, any design will definitely appear dull. Colors are very important for marketing, business, and even in emotions. Since lot of things should be considered, it is difficult to create a color palette because of the infinite variety of colors.

The following ten tips will help you to create color palettes on your own. It is important for designers for design creation and marketing purpose since attractive and unique colors are remembered by people. So, to create a color palette the following are the techniques and approaches… Leer más “Ten Tips To Choose The Right Color Palette For Your Designs”