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Células solares en 3D duplican la producción energética de los paneles

Via Scoop.ithuman being in – perfección

Un equipo de ingenieros del MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), en Estados Unidos, ha realizado una importante innovación en el terreno de la energía solar, con el diseño de nuevas células solares fotovoltaicas con configuraciones…

Una nueva etapa en el desarrollo de la energía solar podría ser protagonizada por el aprovechamiento de células solares fotovoltaicas con diseño 3D, una innovación que permite obtener más del doble de la producción energética conseguida con los dispositivos planos utilizados en la actualidad. El avance ha sido realizado por un grupo de ingenieros e investigadores del MIT. Seguir leyendo “Células solares en 3D duplican la producción energética de los paneles”

“I’m Feeling Lucky” button launched last year | Improving video awesomeness with one click


Whether you’re perfecting your double backflip at the park, capturing a flash mob on your phone, or enjoying singing in a subway, it’s not easy to get your video quality perfect. Sometimes videos suffer from symptoms like “shaky-camera-itis” or “augmented-darkness-levels” that keep viewers from seeing just how awesome your video really is. We made a big step last year with the YouTube Video Editor, and now we’re adding a feature that does the work of curing these symptoms for you.

If you uploada video that’s shaky or dark, we’ll automatically offer to fix it for you, creating an updated version of your video on YouTube.When you upload a video that could use a fixup, you’ll see a notification bar on the Upload page and in your Video Manager. Click the button to fix it, and you’ll see a side by side preview to decide if you want to accept the edits.

Select “Okay” if you’d like us to update your video to the preview version (you can always undo this later). Even if you’re uploading a video from your mobile device, the Video Manager on the desktop will give you a notice if this video can be cured as well. Here’s an overview: Seguir leyendo ““I’m Feeling Lucky” button launched last year | Improving video awesomeness with one click”

Burning Ice: The Next Energy Boom?

Burning Ice

Methane hydrates present a potential lifeline to resource-poor nations like Japan, which already imports more than 90 percent of its fossil fuels.

Oil companies and governments around the world are examining how to uncage huge amounts of methane gas locked up in undersea ice.  Set a lighter to an icy block ofmethane hydrate, a naturally frozen combo of methane gas and water, and flames spew forth at random. However unlikely this fluke of nature may appear — burning ice — it could hold the keys to a vast wealth of untapped, clean-burning methane gas thought to exist deep beneath the outer margins of most continental shelves.

Its contribution may be peripheral to the immediate needs of Western Europe and North America, currently drowning in cheap natural gas, but it present a potential lifeline to resource-poor nations like Japan, which already imports more than 90 percent of its fossil fuels. Although successfully created in the laboratory as early as the 1800s, gas hydrates were only discovered in nature in western Siberian permafrost in the late 1960s. And their structural vagaries, capable of trapping this frozen methane in molecular, lattice cages, are only now being fully appreciated under natural conditions. It is known, however, that these methane hydrates typically form only at low temperatures and under high pressure in rock sediments, usually hundreds of feet or more below the ocean surface. Seguir leyendo “Burning Ice: The Next Energy Boom?”

The Benefits of Retreating

Retreat or withdrawal brings the idea of weakness and defeat to mind. On the surface, it looks as if you are running away because you cannot handle a situation. But at times, you may have to make a planned retreat when faced with overwhelming odds to stage a comeback. A well-planned retreat is a prudent move with benefits that can help you on a personal and a professional level. Read on to find out what the benefits are.

Maintains Relationships

Relationships define our lives. Whether it is on a personal or professional level, most of us have to interact with people. And as you already know, interacting with people is not easy. You have to give and take. In the course of any relationship, you will face conflicts from time to time. Conflicts have the potential to harm a relationship if you do not manage it well. When you find the odds against you, it might be better to retreat to maintain the relationship.

For example, if your boss had a bad day, it would not be wise to ask him for a raise even if you deserve it. On the one hand, he would not be receptive to the idea. On the other hand, you could piss him off and blow your chances in the process. Retreat if the moment is not right to press your case. In doing so, you avoid a needless clash that could cause problems in a relationship. Seguir leyendo “The Benefits of Retreating”

How to Become an Eco Web Designer

By: Alexander Dawson | //onextrapixel.com

Whether you believe in global warming or otherwise, the earth does still have limited resources. With an ever increasing population this means that we should try and reduce our consumption of fuel and wastage whenever possible. While I’m not going to start a hippy campaign and say that we should all go live in a world without computers (that would drive me to the point of insanity) I think that as web professionals, there are small things we can do to pass on the savings to our customers.

This article aims to highlight some of those potential energy and resource saving tweaks that we can make to ensure that if our visitors wish to reduce the amount of resources they expend, the process will be as painless and unobtrusive as possible. While this list is certainly not extensive, hopefully it may give you the opportunity to think about the process you use to build a website and how to best meet the ecological needs of your visitors as they are of an ever increasing level of importance.

Save Energy
Image credit: emitea

Figure 1: Recognising ways to save energy will make you an eco designer.

Note: Everything listed has some scientific credibility behind the theory, but the amount of savings that can be made depend on various factors. My advice is that if doing small things can help visitors reduce their electricity bills or resource costs without incurring extra ourselves, it’s worth the effort!

Blackle is The New White

While this item has a lot of controversy surrounding it, there is some clear merit associated with the practice therefore it’s worth breaking apart the facts from the fiction. A few years ago a site called Blackle appeared and made a name for itself due to its simple idea that by using a black background, you could reduce the amount of energy expended by your display. The theory behind this was that it requires more energy to illuminate a white pixel than a black (non active) one, sounds easy right?

While this item has a lot of controversy surrounding it, there is some clear merit associated with the practice therefore it’s worth breaking apart the facts from the fiction. A few years ago a site called Blackle appeared and made a name for itself due to its simple idea that by using a black background, you could reduce the amount of energy expended by your display. The theory behind this was that it requires more energy to illuminate a white pixel than a black (non active) one, sounds easy right?


Figure 2: Blackle conceptualises a method to help CRT displays reduce their energy consumption.

Well the truth is that the claims by promoters of the theory itself based on a scientific study were rather exaggerated. You see, with the advancement of technologies and the progression from CRT displays (which a real difference can be measured) to LCD’s (which require near enough the same amount of energy to produce black as white), much of the idea behind such a noble campaign has been debunked. So why is this item included in the list? For one reason, backwards compatibility!

As web professionals we are used to the fact that people may be browsing our sites using clunky old pieces of technology, from elderly browsers to a machine that would have been in existence longer than your children. It’s still a fact today that many people still regularly make use of CRT displays as they visit websites. Therefore it may be worth the consideration of giving your users an alternative stylesheet which they can pick based on black to pass on potential energy savings to those devices.

Contrast is King Seguir leyendo “How to Become an Eco Web Designer”

5 Essential Lessons on Success

lessons on success
Photo by Aeschleah DeMartino

By Mr. Self Development

Today I want to talk about the ingredients that cause success. Why do some people succeed, while others fail? what separates the two. I’m constantly intrigued with the concepts involved in success and failure. I’ve dedicated my life to discovering and explaining what separates one from the other.

I spend my days learning about the laws and the principles of success. I believe if we learn these laws and principles we will succeed. In fact, if anyone learns these laws and principles, they will succeed.

The laws of success will move your life from the pit to the palace, from ordinary to extraordinary. With that, let’s take a look at five essential lessons on the causes of success.

5 Must Read Lessons on What Causes Success: Seguir leyendo “5 Essential Lessons on Success”

5 Motivational Tips to Get You Through the Day

Photo Credit: The Pirata

Your motivation is what pushed you to succeed and determines to a large degree if you are going to succeed or fail. But even the most motivated person needs a little extra help sometimes.

When the going gets tough these 5 tips can help you turn the day around and get you back on track.

Getting out of a cold streak
 I recall using these techniques with one of my salesmen; he was having a really bad week and was on the verge of just giving up, working just meant another rejection anyway.

At the beginning of the month we had set the goal that he was going to make two sales a week and agreed upon a very nice reward if he made it.

He was still motivated, as he really wanted the reward, but just couldn’t focus and get hungry about his work.

We went through these 5 tips (I will share the results with you below):

•    Focus on Your Goals
Your motivation stands in direct relationship to how clear your goals are, they are the source of your motivation. When you feel down, focus on them, visualize them and think about how great it will be once you have completed them.

•    Reward Yourself for Finishing Tasks
This is a great technique. Whenever you finish a task or complete a goal, give yourself a reward.
It can be a cup of coffee, a 10 minute break, a weekend away…. Anything that gets you motivated.
By doing this you train yourself to want to complete the goals and tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible, you will work hard to complete your goals, get the reward and move on the next. Always remember though, make sure you do the job well, you don’t want to have to go back and redo the task you already thought was finished.

•    Take a Short Walk
Sometimes you need a break, to clear your mind and get yourself back on track. Taking a walk is a great way to sort your thoughts and refocus.

•    Remember That When You Are Done, You Are Done
By this I mean that once you have done everything you need to do during the day, you are finished and can go home. That gives me a burst of motivation every time the day starts to feel long, it is up to me to make it go quickly so I can relax.

•    Call a Loved One for Inspiration
Sometimes we cannot do it alone. Make sure to find a friend or loved one who can help you when you need motivation, who you can call and who you know will tell you that you can do it and that they know you are great.

Seguir leyendo “5 Motivational Tips to Get You Through the Day”

Bombillas de bajo consumo de diseño

Captura de pantalla 2010-09-10 a las 10.07.42

por  Marcus Hurst

Las bombillas de bajo consumo se han caracterizado por ser algo aburridas en su diseño.

Ahora, después de varios prototipos, la marca Hulger lanza el mercado una bombilla que busca combinar una estética cuidada con el ahorro energetico.

El nuevo producto se llama Plumen. Reduce en un 80% el consumo y dura 8 veces más que las lámparas incandescentes tradicionales.


“Es extraño que la imaginación esté tan alejada de la bombilla, un objeto que representa a las ideas”, explica Nicolas Roope, co-fundador de Hulger.

La bombilla ya está a la venta en Europa. Seguir leyendo “Bombillas de bajo consumo de diseño”

Review: Microsoft Hohm and a whole-house power monitor

Microsoft’s Hohm energy efficiency and tracking service, still in beta, has a unique sense of style. Who expects a discussion about insulation R-values to involve pirate jokes?

“What do pirates look for in attic insulation?” Hohm asks. “The arrrr value! Insulation R-value measures how well a material stops heat flow, the higher the better.”

This can be a bit jarring at first—are the sorts of people who write about “arrrr value!” really the ones you go to for home improvement questions?—but if you’re going to use Hohm, you’d better get used to it.

“Read and follow the instructions that came with your new refrigerator. (This will not harm your street cred),” says a tip on buying more efficient iceboxes. You’ll also want to keep the new fridge away “from anything hot like an oven, direct sunlight, or visiting supermodels.”

When it comes to lighting your room, consider task lighting; it can save money because, the site informs us, “you won’t need to turn on the overhead light for your ironic cross-stitch.” Advice from Bob Vila this is not. Seguir leyendo “Review: Microsoft Hohm and a whole-house power monitor”

The Innovation gap between Executives and their teams

It strikes me regularly that senior executives of many firms underestimate the insights and abilities of their companies.  I guess that many of us grow up with a backward-looking preference.  We prefer to remember how things were “when we were there” and expect those attributes and features to remain the same.  For most of us, the people we worked with and the companies we worked for are still locked in the past, unbending and unchanging.
I’m stealing a bit from Seth Godin‘s recent post about “senior management“.  His point, and mine, aren’t that senior managers are myopic or uninspired, although that’s certainly possible.  It’s more that they have a vision but often aren’t confident that the organization can achieve the vision without painful change.  These executives remember the organization as it was, rather than as it is. Seguir leyendo “The Innovation gap between Executives and their teams”

5 Energy Efficient Office Gadgets

Stephanie Marcus

This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

For years now the world has been talking about “going green,” “reducing our carbon footprint,” and simply just being less wasteful. Anyone who runs a business knows that unnecessary waste simply isn’t good business.

Companies who invest in greener or more energy efficient gadgets around the office save on electricity bills, foster an office based on conscious consumption, and know they are doing what they can to help make the world a cleaner, greener place. Seguir leyendo “5 Energy Efficient Office Gadgets”

5 ways NOT to handle reputation management


The big BP oil spill has me thinking a lot about reputation management. British Petroleum handled things well, responding fast, expressing dismay, forking over cash, etc..

Then the finger pointing began: The feds point at BP. BP points at the oil rig owner. The rig owner points at Halliburton (remember them?). The installer points at the cook. And so on. BP could have taken the high road, but as the blame game goes on they sound more and more defensive.

So, when your company starts gushing oil into the ocean, or sewage onto the internet, and you need to deal with it, here’s what not to do:


First reflex of any corporate executive, upon seeing negative press on the web, is to start posting angry responses. Everywhere. On your blog, in letters to the editor, doesn’t matter. They’re going to get their point of view heard, dammit!

Please stop. The best case is that everyone ignores your spluttering. The worst case is that even your most eloquent defense makes you look like a whiner.

Result: You look like a defensive blowhard with too much time on your hands.

Alternative: Shut up. Wait a while. See if other people who aren’t connected with your company jump in to defend you. If they do, thank them. That’s it.

Alternative 2: Express chagrin. If you just can’t be quiet, write something like “I’m sorry about the oil slick you can see from space. BP is dedicated to improving the environment, and will be using some of our newest technologies to help rehabilitate the Gulf Coast.” I will still hate you, but with some small bit of sympathy, or at least a diminished desire to dump 5,000 oil-soaked oil company execs in front of Congress. Seguir leyendo “5 ways NOT to handle reputation management”

Freelancers Working From Home – Cures to Common Problems

By: Hilde Torbjornsen

If you’re a freelancer or have a small business, it’s very common to work out of your own home. Some bigger companies also offer this as a full or part-time solution for some of their workers. This type of work can be both a blessing and a curse in many ways. Here I’ve listed some of the most common problems you may run into, and some suggestions to how you can turn these into something you can live with.

Freelancers Working From Home
Image credit: EHPhoto

When you think about working from home, many positive things come to mind. You can work wearing your pajamas and walk to work in less than a minute – regardless of season and weather. You can also set most of the rules yourself, schedule personal appointments and vacations to fit with your work, listen to music as loud as you want and be in an environment you feel comfortable with. What you should be prepared for though, are the things that aren’t as glamorous.

In this article you’ll get to know some of them, along with some suggestions on how to make them work for you and not against you. Seguir leyendo “Freelancers Working From Home – Cures to Common Problems”