Energizer partners with TBWA Worldwide globally

GLOBAL – Energizer has appointment TBWA Worldwide as the global advertising network in charge of its Energizer and Eveready brands.

Energizer partners with TBWA Worldwide globally

TBWA Worldwide will be responsible for the creative output of all Energizer household products, localising the company’s global strategies through its regional network.

The incumbent on the account is TBWA Chait Day in North America and DDB in other parts of the world. TBWA Chait Day has been working with Energizer in the US since 1989 and is the agency behind the Energizer Bunny. The Los Angeles office will act as the global lead creative and strategic agency.

According to a company release, the alignment with TBWA will give greater cohesion and consistency to the Energizer brand globally.

“Through this appointment we are building a new, powerful agency team capable of reaching consumers in ground-breaking, creative ways to drive brand preference and purchase intent for the Energizer and Eveready brands globally,” said Jeff Ziminski, global chief marketing officer for Energizer Household Products. Seguir leyendo “Energizer partners with TBWA Worldwide globally”

The dirty secret to finding a Unique Selling Proposition for something that isn’t unique

♠ When you’re selling, finding a point of difference is essential. You have to set yourself apart in the minds of your ideal prospect as the only—or at least the best—choice. Typically, the basis for this differentiation is a strong unique selling proposition (USP).

Figuring out a USP can be pretty hard—because, bluntly, you usually aren’t unique in a way that your prospects care about. And you aren’t selling anything unique in a way they care about. Virtually no one is. So what do you do?

If you’re smart, you cheat. Not in a dishonest way. Just in a cunning way. Read on, and I’ll let you in on the dirty lil secret that makes finding a USP much easier.

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