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Designing your business signs

Everywhere you go, you see signs: billboards, road signs, aisle markers, window signs, and service and business signs.  They’re how we find our way through commercial and public places. Whether we’re just looking for a specific exhibit in a museum or for the cereal aisle in a grocery store, signs showcase where things are and they draw foot traffic.

That said, signs have to be clear and effective at conveying their message otherwise they stand the chance of being ignored or passed by in the search for the most easily accessible information.

There are many tips and tricks for designing your business signs and effective signage but if you simply follow basic design principles most of the problems disappear at the beginning.

So here are three things to consider when designing your sign before it’s sent off to print!

1. Too Many Good Things

At some point, every piece of media has to go through a cutting room.  Even something that had only a few ideas to begin with can blow up into a piece beyond its own scope.  The bright red text, green mascot, customer image, and product background may seem like a great way to show everything you offer at once but it’s too much too quickly. Remove some of it!

Pick your points and run with them.  Are you emphasizing a specific product? Then use the customer action shot with the product.  Use it only as a label and let the image speak for itself.  Is the sign a general piece for your brand or company? Then use the mascot and the letterhead or a logo.  Don’t bog things down with images of your products when a quick image, your name, and a tagline can carry the message quickly and cleanly!

Use basic color theory.  There’s limited real estate on your sign so stick with two or three colors that mesh well.  There are plenty of online resources that give advice on color theory and how to apply it.  If you want, look up a color wheel to check for complimentary colors.  You can also take your main color for the sign and look for specific color themes that match it to help your sign pop out among the crowd. Leer más “3 Things to Consider When Designing Your Business Signs | workawesome.com”