How to Set Up an Effective Mobile Office

by Oleg Mokhov |

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Have you ever wanted to get your work done while overlooking a beautiful park, a breathtaking sunset, the calming sea, sitting in an aromatic cafe, or simply while on the train but going to somewhere you actually want to go (i.e. not to the office)?

It’s possible if you set up an effective mobile office.

I’m just your average guy — I don’t have any special privileges in life. But I’ve been able to make electronic music, write for web publications, and do business and freelance work all on my laptop during beautiful train rides, breezy ocean sunsets, and in cool city spots.

And you can as well.

Now, before you say, “Psh, it’s not possible because of [insert reason here],” yes, a mobile office isn’t possible for everyone. There are a couple of requirements for being able to work from a mobile office:

  1. You need your work to be primarily computer-based (but that’s most of us these days) and not work that is reliant primarily on non-movable equipment (like, say, factory equipment).
  2. You need to either have a flexible work-location arrangement with your job (i.e. you’re allowed to telecommute), be a freelancer, or own your own business. In essence, you need the ability to dictate where and when you work.

Are you able to do those two things? Yeah? Awesome. Keep reading, because your work life is about to get a whole lot better. Seguir leyendo “How to Set Up an Effective Mobile Office”