Timberland Offers 3D View of Earthkeepers

Leagas Delaney is the agency behind the print and TV ads; Holst created the 3D window displays and microsite.

This is not the first time that Timberland has boasted its green initiatives. Last October, the footwear and apparel brand tapped singer Wyclef Jean as its “Earthkeeper hero.” The two partnered on a U.S. campaign to promote environmental and humanitarian efforts in Haiti.

Several months later, the company began running a series of outdoor, environment-themed events in 10 U.S. cities as part of its 2009 sponsorship of the Green Apple Festival, an annual music and Earth Day awareness event. The brand launched a contest in conjunction with the event to promote the Earthkeepers line.

– Elena Malykhina
Timberland is putting its best foot forward in a new global campaign showcasing the Earthkeepers collection of eco-friendly apparel.

The effort, dubbed “Nature Needs Heroes,” includes TV, print and retail ads, as well as social media and a microsite that uses 3D technology to help consumers become better acquainted with Earthkeepers. The site allows users to examine a frozen moment on screen at a 360-degree angle.

Retail ads, too, utilize 3D technology. Starting Thursday, select store windows in the U.S. started featuring oversized graphics, which consumers can bring to life using 3D glasses handed out in stores. Point-of-purchase displays show an x-ray image of the Earthkeepers 2.0 boot, touting the company’s use of recycled materials.

In the past, Timberland focused on traditional elements like TV and print, said Jim Davey, Timberland’s vp of global marketing. “This is the first time we’ve reflected new media realities with additional elements like 3D microsites and interactive windows in our retail stores,” he said.

Furthermore, Timberland aims to drive its eco-friendly message home through TV and print ads, which focus on a “lost bottle.” The humorous ads depict a man chasing a runaway water bottle so that he can recycle it. TV spots will air in the U.S., Europe and Asia during live sports, primetime and late night programs. And those consumers who want to create their own heroic moments can do so using Timberland’s Earthkeepers Facebook app, called “Virtual Forest,” which debuts later this month.

“We’re finding that consumers are being drawn to the styling and performance of the new Earthkeepers collection, but it’s also the most environmentally-innovative collection of products we’ve ever launched,” said Davey. “Great products that happen to be more sustainable makes for a great story.” (Timberland has had a good year so far, with sales growing in the high teens, said Matt Powell, an analyst at SportsOneSource.) Leer más “Timberland Offers 3D View of Earthkeepers”

Celebrating Earth Day Through Typography

Author Larissa
In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, I experimented with nature inspired typography. Using Adobe Photoshop, I formed letters of the alphabet using elements of nature.
post-2The complete alphabet

In this experiment, I was not necessarily trying to create a visual metaphor for each letter such as “A is for Apple” but seeking to create a balance of texture and color. I would also give huge props to Hand Made Font for inspiring this creative challenge.

Artist’s Block

The biggest challenge of this exercise was to think of 26 different expressions of nature. By the time I had 7 or 8 letters remaining, it started becoming rather difficult to think of new ideas. When you have a bad case of “artist’s block”, sometimes it’s best to just keep going because you never know when inspiration will spark.

My Favorites

P + R are 2 of my favoritesP + R are 2 of my favorites

The letter “P” was possibly the most challenging trying to find the right lizard parts to make the Iguana bend.  This was one of the first letters I tackled. (Just for the record, I’m pretty sure that’s not even physically possible for iguanas to hang like that.)

I love geodes and letter “R” turned out quite nicely I think. It was one of the latter letters I completed. Leer más “Celebrating Earth Day Through Typography”

9 Most Amusing Twitter Greeting Cards | Online Media Gazette

With the rapid growth of Twitter, naturally there’ll be a slew of slogan t-shirt and witty e-greeting card companies on the Web to ride on this wave. One particular company, Someecards, caught my attention for their personification of our social media addictions, especially to Twitter.

The most interesting bit about the cards produced from this site, is the direct relation to the power users on Twitter, along with past-century advertising images. We hope that you find these cards amusing as we did!

1. Lent

2. Cry For Help

3. Encouragement

4. Earth Day

5. Thinking Of You

6. Breakup

7. Flirting

8. College


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