Style and Function: The Power of Visually Appealing Websites

Whenever I look for a particular product or service, the company’s website has a lot to do with whether I engage with a vendor or not. I don’t disregard product or service quality, of course, but the power of the website is great: It can draw you in or turn you off.

We all know that today, consumers search for products and services online before making purchases. In order to get an advantage over their competition, companies create websites to gain visibility and promote credibility with their consumers online.

How then, can one stand out? This is where visual design takes a step forward.  Here are a few reasons why a good visual design can be powerful marketing tool:

Visually Appealing Websites are Fresh.

Visual elements that reinforce your objectives, appropriate and nicely done images of your products — these add up to your web site’s appeal to your consumers. Visual design supports a company’s brand positioning, thus effectively communicating information and interactivity to its readers. Leer más “Style and Function: The Power of Visually Appealing Websites”