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Since we first launched Socially Devoted, brands have really upped their games, increasing the responses to customer questions through social media platforms. We wondered why some brands still have closed walls.

Throughout 2012, as the value of social media and online customer care became apparent, we noticed that companies set up presence and started to focus on two-way communication. Several brands, such as Nivea Men USA and Whirlpool opened their Page walls that were previously closed. And it pays off! Whirlpool is Socially Devoted with a Response Rate of 82,42% and Nivea Men USA is almost there, responding to 64,29% of questions on Facebook.

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Whirlpool opened its Facebook wall and now responds to 82.42% questions! Worth it!

In 2013 we see the smart brands focusing on the quality of relationships, competitive analysis and the consistency of data.


However some brands are still lagging behind and don’t even allow their customers to contact them via Facebook. These include PumaDolce & Gabbana and Blackberry. Altogether these brands do not allow a total of 15 979 004 fans to have a voice. Leer más “Let Your Fans In: The Advantages of Open Facebook Walls // via socialbakers.com // @socialbakers”

First Time Ever: Live Fashion Shows on Smartphones

By Tim Ho Thoughts

Dolce&Gabbana has always been the leader in technology among other fashion brands. In 2005, D&G broadcasted their fashion shows live on it’s official website. In 2008, they started to get into the mobile market, established dolcegabbana.mobi to create a more interactive way to communicate with fans, then a free iphone app was developed after.

They just announced few hours ago (Feb/19/2010 12:46 PM Milan Time CET) that they are going to offer fans the opportunity to watch the upcoming Fall/Winter 2010/11 season fashion show live on iPhone and Android Mobile Devices. The live show will be available at live.dolcegabbana.mobi on February 25th 3:00PM (GMT+1).

It’s another case showing how important smartphone users are for businesses these days, can’t wait to see how they will execute it to create the buzz, I’m sure many social media elements will be included.

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